Doctors in Europe with the Oculus and GoPro virtual surgery into a reality

in Moveo foundation in a recent project, professor at the university of Paris Descartes surgery and medical, European George pompidou hospital doctor Thomas Gregory (Thomas Gregory) using GoPro cameras and Oculus Rift virtual reality wore a device to make the virtual surgery has become a reality.

the past 35 years, virtual reality technology is mainly used in all kinds of training. And for the medical profession, in the low risk or risk free environment is very important for operation training students. Therefore, the use of training high quality virtual reality technology to obviously has a great value.

Oculus Rift is such a virtual reality wore a device. The Oculus VR developers set up time of this product is only 2 years, earlier this year has been bought by Facebook. Oculus Rift’s goal is to create immersive environments, thus providing a new video game experience. The company may not have considered this product used for medical teaching. However, according to Facebook Oculus will be a similar smartphone platform.

Dr Gregory the attempt to use consumer technology products, to explore a new way of shooting surgery. During the surgery, he used two fixed to the head of GoPro cameras synchronously shooting, he was in total hip replacement surgery.

eventually produce video is very good, you can see the hd resolution, visual range 3 d version of the whole process of operation. Through the Oculus Rift, this feeling is like himself.

the purpose is to find a way to try and make the student to work the Angle of view of whole operation process. When students are still in training, they must be involved in the operation, but is very difficult to observe the operation of the leading physicians. Through the GoPro and Oculus Rift, the student will be able to easily playback operation details, and pause, fast forward and back. Learn from each other, sharing between this is also a doctor, and a good way to learn new technology.

the personage inside course of study thinks, this is just the beginning of the virtual reality of medicine. The next goal is to realize the interactive, which help students using real equipment experience the real operation. However, this is also a complex challenges in the future.

on the other hand, the Oculus Rfit is not a medical device. Facebook may not be hope for the medical use of the device may be dealing with the United States food and drug administration (FDA), and relative to the larger user community, health care is just a small segment of the market. But it is clear that the Oculus team realize technological progress, and their research results to share, and the rise of virtual reality technology developers will promote the development of virtual reality in the next 10 years medicine. (a sail)

source: sina science and technology