Doing nothing or STH over and over again to death? Microsoft WP long snacks!!!!

(/horse relief yi wen)

the latest, according to data from IDC WP in the second quarter of this year’s sales fell 9.4% last year, compared to the same market share dropped below 3%, only 2.5%.

the data is quite ironic, because, in the past year Microsoft does not waste:

first, the acquisition of WP (almost all) of the largest smartphone maker nokia (mobile phone) with manufacturing department;

the second, the media reported that Microsoft to woo samsung WP producers continue to production, and do not hesitate to use billions of dollars for bait.

the third, in order to fight against Android, Microsoft would allow nokia production branch of Android mobile phone version of the system;

4, WP 8.1 is a major upgrade, gradually narrow the gap between rival on the ecological.

unfortunately, so far, Microsoft’s firefighting strategy seems a little to be playing with fire:

first, nokia mobile phone manufacturing sector has become one of the biggest burden of Microsoft. So far, Microsoft did not find can let its effective measures of profitability. Not only that, in the second quarter of this year, the company series mobile phone sales is only 5.8 million units, plunged 21% last year compared to the same;

second, samsung is trying to use WP to broken the Android market ambitions seem to have been dashed. So far, Android has break through 85% market share. And samsung seem more willing to put money in Tizen, rather than on the WP;

third, apparently, the growth of Microsoft clearly WP is mainly benefited from relatively cheap low-end the company mobile phone, and he wanted to make this strategy promotion, production branch of the Android version of the nokia mobile phone is a good idea. However, with the advent of Android One, such as Moto G a batch of cheap Android machine will be a bloodbath low-end market, and the rest of the world in emerging markets. Even in “enclaves”, the rise of local manufacturers such as millet, hit not only samsung, more to WP was overshadowed the hope of the future;

Microsoft mobile strategy is really in nearly a year, first introduced the Android mobile phone, can’t see the hope to be cancelled after; Then decided to shut down the nokia function division, but see also some “oil and water can remove”, after again decided not to give up on this market.

4, WP app store application breakthrough 300000. Although effective in relieving the WP application the number of ecological problems, but it is difficult to solve the problem of time and quality. Although many well-known application login the WP, but functional differences and Android, iOS version, however is not timely and update time.

for Microsoft, mobile business really can not be lost, but if they were going to insist on building hardware business, perhaps is worth consulting. In hunting cloud network editor king view, instead of carrying a heavy chains, might as well be malicious and cruel thoroughly travel light! , after all, the strategy of “mobile + cloud” seems to be more in line with Microsoft’s genes.