Domestic vc rotten street: female for the project at accompany sleep

hunting cloud network editor you hear a stunning jaw, a not well-known investment institutions of a young female investors in order to be able to get the project into qualifications, at to the founders hinted that can accompany sleep. Investors have to admire the women “Wolf” and “profession”. But it really makes me shocked.

how to become like this?

a decade ago, risk investment is regarded as a lofty profession, even five years ago, this is also a job is considered a high entry barriers. But in recent years, with a lot of money and the institution of blowout influx, there is, some of the mess.


the dog cat also mixed with team

group of investors quickly become large over the last two years. Internet industry performance attracted some rapid influx of hot money, these are senior industry review for a speculative property institutions to attract a large number of investors. And these new lines of many investors are just in the Internet industry practitioners of less than two or three years. Even in an extreme case, a VC partners just because read an article, the author, the author has been poached entrusts with an important task.

no matter in which meeting places, can feel the impatience of risk investment industry. Peddling their advantage to promote their own funds, there is even not familiar people come up to the hunting cloud network opened a so-called price:

“brothers, hunting cloud network contact so many start-ups, you help me to pay attention to the point of bai, hook me up, investment for a project I am going to give you tens of thousands of success.”

as a prominent investment institutions, don’t have to sell yourself to hard, of course, but as latecomers, no successful cases of investment institutions, in particular, they usually technique is to use Numbers sweeping the street. Thousands of VC to squeeze into a crowded market, break the scalp is inevitable. Under the more harsh assessment, some deviant nature also can understand.

industry said Daniel package every vc team to younger, only in this way can better docking and young entrepreneurs. I quite agree with the package any judgment, but a young and experienced investors really hard to find.

“investors now is really good and bad are intermingled, some terms all don’t understand then went out to do investment. The most let a person can’t stand, the kid is domineering opine. No vice President looked up, I’m all gone, not a waste of time.” A well-known entrepreneurs convective cloud network said.

VC industry in addition to the internal competition, will be subject to similar stake in the emerging of raising the strong shock of new things. Equity raise not only make the investors more expanded, also greatly weakened the role of investors to invest in the entire chain. Investors face, and some project to the equity transfer, the raise website and they can eat in the more limited project.

in fact, I want to tell the women investor, she practices including the practice of many investment institutions are already falling behind. Those in the leading position of domestic investment institutions except for money already to a service-oriented transformation investment institutions, such as warp/weft, redwood, etc. They in addition to the capital to entrepreneurs, no matter in support of choose and employ persons, or resources, are based on the entrepreneur’s biggest support, are far more than in the traditional sense of the VC.

do their investment agency service and brand, do a good nanny, nature of entrepreneurs to ascend a door for you.