Domino’s pizza a response to “Internet thinking” : create a take-away version of Siri

if you like hunting cloud network editor jun, is a fan of pizza, then a domino’s not too strange. This is a world famous pizza chains. Although competitors rulin, domino’s with “30 minutes fast delivery, outdated, no single” services, has won numerous consumer favorite. However, is a pizza delivery experts, at the time of the wave of mobile Internet are flawed, not immune. It will use modern Internet thinking, to transform their own pizza express service.

according to domino’s will in the mobile end order application, add voice order function. This function is similar to apple Siri voice assistant. Not only can identify the user’s voice commands, but also can automatically complete order.

it is important to note that the above report, domino’s voice order assistant technology partner, is a famous Nuance. The company had also Siri’s voice recognition technology support. A few days ago, the Wall Street journal revealed that, samsung is interested in buying Nuance.

mobile client reservation has accounted for domino’s pizza, 40% of the total order. Domino’s desire to use advanced technology, to provide mobile end users more smooth order experience, at the same time get more benefits.

as domino’s President and CEO Patrick Doyle says: “will become the future trend of the development of mobile order, and the speech recognition is a very important part of the trend.”