Don’t be Internet mode pit again At the end of the day in building brand

hunting cloud network May 28,

millet mode or the Internet’s hot reached remarkable level, with the Internet to reverse the momentum, everything was almost all traditional industries of local tyrants are a little afraid of their own shadows, on the one hand trembling fear being upset, on the other hand, ambition constantly want to upset people. Look it’s an angel and devil.

in the past with millet rise time, the traditional industries in over a period of time after the panic period, gradually calm down, have begun to rational thinking in detail, their specific when would be reversed in the form of what? New mode has been spread among people try.

but the effect how, although now no one to make a detailed survey report. But at least we can see clearly that so far there is no really a company in the Internet model, like millet get mad fast growth. Best results may only count in the industry norm, not many subversive gesture.

the Internet model exactly is what? The myth of millet where is god?

Internet pattern at the end of the day but is in using the Internet to do professional marketing

why millet fire? Throughout the development of millet, we can from the following several problems in some light.

how did people learn about millet? How did people accept millet? How do people trust of millet?

long-term focus on science and technology industry basic all know about this too: millet started with top with low aroused the concern of the science and technology media media (Internet) and then on sina weibo to electricity has been heavily promoted by the low-cost cellphones mode of operation, relying on a “model” Internet scratched in the science and technology media pain points, detonated topic point, to attract a large number of various analysis of media quoting, so people will know that the millet.

after the people know the millet, you know, by the way the millet “troika” of the “Internet” mode. Then according to the education of the people’s mother and father of our party and country “to love study”, so this time a lot of people suddenly rise, have the interest of learning, is a little study the acclaimed “the Internet model”.

in order to show its feudal, very young, have a view, is not the same, the most important thing is to appear a little ability, belly will analyze something, just take the blanket analysis to discuss with people everywhere, especially happened to others at the same news.

and then some people think that all talk accusers, in addition this phone is really cheap (from the pervasive media article analysis), and is involved in buying, by the way, after two rounds to snap up all of a sudden there are media reports the millet “cattle market”, and more and more exciting! Straight and completely accepted the millet.

the last side suddenly there is a group of people with the millet mobile phone, for large keen to snap up, did not buy luxury goods prick silk, if packaging fine enough, all kinds of material the marquee, quality is not a big problem will boasts of “smart” bought a good thing.

they are actually don’t even know the splash screen, screen light-leaking, more do not know is the quality problem of prick silk with serious psychological “” discount goods , let alone meet crash restart, mobile phone serious fever, they will comfort myself: brush machine, gains a level. This is a representative of the high performance…

at the same time they also feel like you learned the skills of others not through self-study, and seem to have his issued a special cool title…

the people trust the millet.

after the millet, there are many companies in the learning mode of millet, but most rely on Internet system, digital system to reduce operating costs, and finally sell cheap products to the user. Their core is in the use of electricity selling products, and the pattern of Internet millet essence is that all the action around the Internet marketing and the advancing step by step. On this point, cloud network hunting also done a lot of very early.

in order to have the news and do, in order to have a discussion point to do, in order to make some people feel themselves are opinion leaders. Millet is by far the most powerful, most professional Internet marketing strength, and many follow the apparently not. And those who are more proficient in Internet marketing follower, apparently had a moist.

the core of the Internet, in the end is in building brand hard

for positioning “Internet mode” millet, some actions appear very raffish.

idle have nothing to do, to make two micro movie. All right! It is spread on the Internet, also be part of the Internet mode.

ZouDian dealer channels only millet push machine contract with telecom operators. All right! This is to make money, don’t do this is silly.

in the end, the cargo was quite for two consecutive years in the CCTV, spend a lot of money to start the advertising! If you said this is not deviating from the ray’s booth illustrated mode of the Internet’s original intention, I only know you are a millet water army, will not be received.

for Internet mode, don’t use various methods to eliminate channel cost, to provide users with more cost-effective products?

you please a little famous professional actor made a lousy micro film, how many mobile phone money wasted? You push so much machine contract, how many users so harder to grab the arrival of the goods? Not to mention you pay big money to do advertising, how much you added costs??

but we carefully analyze, millet to do so is clearly through various channels, access to different audiences, form the dislocation between the understanding different cultural levels, and finally turned himself into a covering all the people of new international brand!

he is at the heart of the, build brand!

if you found a large number of small white to say with you: don’t know anything about science and technology millet is good!

no matter how much money do you have a friend, don’t want to buy a millet mobile phone, and then he tells you: with millet long face!

and the most intuitive data is that the same specification or lower the ratio of millet mobile phone F code than what other phone code, more than two. And now the millet cattle do better!

at the beginning of the millet was founded, there are Internet brand marketing “lei jun is” do the good old gay friends for many years, can say Michael knew right from the start to do is Internet marketing and branding. Rather than based on the model of “Internet”!

so, if the traditional vendors want to do a so called “the Internet model”, it is singled out part of the resources, to find a professional team of Internet marketing, brand planner, let them take this part of the resources of seeing slowly!

the last is a CCTV’s slogan: believe in the power of the brand.