Don’t frown Nexus disappear, Google “tango project” will push the new tablet!

according to, Google is developing a powerful visual visual, 3 d terrain modeling a new tablet. It is important to note that the product development team is Google’s advanced technology department. And in addition to the patent, the department is only a few are retained in the hands of Google MOTOROLA’s “legacy”.

this tablet is affiliated with Google “Tango” Project (Project Tango). Just as its name, people armed with built-in intelligent equipment of this technology, and walk for a week, the surrounding environment surrounding the device can completely recorded by means of 3 d. This technology imagination space is very big, can be applied to indoor street, enhanced virtual reality games, help people with disabilities to live independently, and many other aspects.

the report pointed out that the new tablet about 7 inches or so. Equipment back two cameras. One is the infrared sensor, in the case of cooperating with special software, can be 3 d modeling of the surrounding terrain.

, the sources said Google has built 4000 of such equipment. And is likely to be in before this year’s Google I/O (June), provide testing service for developers.

pictured above show the previous Google Project Tango smartphones.