Don’t get excited! Colorful life, ding dong village is not so good!

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this paragraph of time on the discussion of community service O2O obviously busy many, more than a year before I just write a story about community content, only one person I sing in this market, and now the community service O2O calls for more and more high, it’s time to let everybody calm calm, the splash of cold water.


search under “community service”, the first few articles are from my hands, even the crappy O2O “community service” word is I come out, may now engaged in community O2O most people have seen me that a few articles. Ok, pack to force out, get to the point now, as the earliest for the industry washing kneeling lick researchers, also had to ridicule or two now.

“colorful life” vomit firstDo you find that the industry has a lot of masturbation, but few successful cases reported? You said the color life? This only shows that you still don’t understand to the industry, the colour of life is the industry’s most will draw a pie, although listed in Hong Kong, but the future prospects of colorful life is limited, before because the industry is too cold and cheerless, so much so that only a colorful life in the said. Colourful life have profit? Ha ha, as far as I know, profit is not O2O project comes from the community, but as for the property managed to late sales, whether the way it is, I also heard that can’t prove, hope to have a knowledgeable real estate professionals to introduce.

when communicate with many people, received the introduction of the color life, some are media, able to shrug off the colorful life of propaganda draft, mostly just says on the tall on imagination, didn’t see the actual results. You can think of, have actual dry reports of colorful life? I am a didn’t see, so has been skeptical of colorful life. When communicating with people in the real estate, the somebody else is not cut to colorful life, late sales revenue as value-added services revenue is mixed real estate circle elder brothers introduced to me.

smell its voice only actually did not see the color of life, may not have you sounds so cow X. According to the announcement of colorful life in figure data show that as of April 30, 2014, colorful life group has stationed in 78 cities across the country, 465 residential communities in the city the contracting management, and provide advisory services for 373 residential communities. Only 373? I a friend, one hand in wenzhou has more than 120 cooperation community, colorful life, 373 in the national market, a drop in the bucket.

in order to calculate the average 1000 households, 3.73 billion households, every four mouth people, covering about 1.5 million people, however, this 1.5 million MAU, how much do you think will be very high? As a social, not the product, may be 10% is already very high, in fact, the color life provides community services, on the tall “associated with survival, but with life”, this sentence can have a good taste.

colorful life propaganda the related contents in the draft I can see, the thing is, the same way as most people do, and many still at the stage draw pie, I don’t believe he has done.

say so many, is not to say that the color of life have no future, just said it now some exaggerated self propaganda, look at the current mode, colorful life in the future may develop very moist, but be stretched thin.

you spit “ding dong village”
Looks like I didn’t see for ding dong village’s good voice, this only shows that you are too had vision, see what’s the matter with the ding dong village at a glance.

why so many people don’t believe in ding dong district? Do this all the people know, ding dong village products OUT too much, the product of business module, a year ago already rotten street, bring OUT the bad things of the street a billions of angel investment can change? Don’t know that angel investors is how to think in the brain, or that way more ding dong village, an angel is such a product, make many practitioners envy envy hate.

NND, last year I do for a community O2O man looking for a 1 million angels are hard to die, once a ding dong village, it can not let a person envy? I just want to say, ding dong local tyrants, let’s make friends, give me a fraction to ensure that the products do than hello.

in the past year, I have seen too many similar products, ding dong village is the medium level, there is no novel. Similar district safe, district housekeeper last year met development bottleneck, this kind of yellow pages of the nature of the community surrounding the APP, there is no future, because everyone can do, who also is not who is outstanding, the future will only is a supporting service.

think of things, ding dong village is most community O2O people can think of, very many when I communicate, said to do community O2O, direction and its the same, announcements, BBS, second-hand, carpooling, pet, housekeeping, etc, etc., intentional do platform will list these things. But the problem is, used to do? Carpool organization? Pet how to play? Provide housekeeping? Didn’t solve all these problems, don’t spend money on advertising, because break out users will also be lost because of your product is empty shell.

see ding dong village where the issue is? Is too go in for grandiose projects, the details of services are not ready, there is no future. Ding dong district in Shanghai advertising recently is very fierce, but the effect is not obvious, according to the logic, now is desperately users, may be due to the cost of the angels to take too much, too much pressure, can only rely on homework registration rushed to the management.

according to this way of burning money, ding dong village time also is about more than a year. But if I were you, I’ll take less money to do a few plot of pilot, the expansion of each service do fine then, we’ll look at, ding dong area expanded, 10000 village with his current service level, can serve several? The service module will be empty and useless.

community O2O cannot be made to the Internet game, provide an APP is everything? Every community is different, need people to operate, a standardized product isn’t practical. A plot to send a person responsible for, 10000 neighborhood is ten thousand people, Internet companies had a handful of ten thousand people, more people not only the human cost is high, and the increased difficulties of management, and service is very easy to appear problem, but also for community service, a person wasn’t enough, sideline production company how many people can serve a neighborhood! So, don’t hold in the form of the Internet become a community O2O giant’s dream, impossible!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way, as I also heard a saying, compared with NextDoor ding dong village? I smile has been unable to ridicule. Ding dong village with NextDoor far very far very far, not the blind can see out? There is a huge difference in a product, both ding-dong did not become the basis of the village social community.

O2O community service into a “stand-off”
A lot of people into the community group or add me of my best friends and ask the industry have successful cases, I can only say no, but someone is willing to put the colorful life, ding dong village as a successful case, I also have nothing to say. Your problems today, is still the problem to a year ago, in addition to the media, the management, property management, and many other community O2O link begin to pay close attention to the market, the other not to change too much, community service O2O already in “dead end”.

a lot of new entrepreneurs ask me have no chance to the industry, ask me BAT begin to pay close attention to the industry do? Unified reply here.

the first, the industry is full of opportunities, but the premise is you what to do, those who intend to go in for grandiose projects, I suggest or not entered, in the community market must start from the most basic, impossible is inherently platform, less likely to become a big platform, the unification of the whole country have this heart just give it up. To subdivide O2O service into the community of opportunity may be bigger.

second, BAT on the market is good, ali, tencent last year and have interaction with I this market, however, you please rest assured, BAT wouldn’t do for myself, because community O2O is better than the public comments on the “live more dirty tired”, for these giants of money, as long as you are ready, they come and direct investment to buy you are the most simple, direct and convenient way.

this article mainly fun color life and ding dong village, I hope you don’t get their short success and into the ditch. Community O2O there are too many details need to discuss, don’t directly add my good friend, just ask market slump, let me give advice, there is nothing I can do. Communication for, those who have the pressing needs of friends, can be directly to zhejiang jiaxing to find I chat face to face, not to receive your consulting fees, QQ, micro letter, the telephone has not accept consulting services, there is no time ah, kiss! Excuse me!

article/Wang Liyang
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