Don’t have to worry about lost luggage! Airbus push smart suitcase

usually, if the passengers on the flight lost luggage, airlines usually take hours, even days to find the lost luggage. Of course, there are a lot of luggage will never find his own master. However, if the luggage can have tracking system, the question may be completely become a thing of the past.

the so-called “smart suitcase” refers to a built-in GPS tracking system of modern suitcase, this kind of trunk usually send to your current location information to the host, can even be detected oneself in a state of “lost” after the initiative to contact the airline.

the leading European Airbus aircraft manufacturing, research and development company group (Airbus) as early as in last year’s Paris Air Show (Paris Air Show) launched a concept called “smart suitcase” design. At the time of the concept of trunk is airbus, deutsche telekom T – Systems, as well as the day’s tile (RIMOWA) to develop and become, called “Bag2Go”.

, said airbus Bag2G built-in has an intelligent system, this system with the passengers’ smartphone or a tablet by using wireless connection. Bag2Go suitcase with a built-in display, passengers need to input your flight information into the smartphone applications can share the information to the airlines. Then, the airline will accordingly to generate a barcode electronic luggage tag, and send it to Bag2Go display. In this way, no matter where the luggage can get recognition through the luggage to sign on the display.

and Bag2Go smart suitcase also equipped with communication module, including 1 SIM CARDS and GPS positioning system. Smartphone applications can take advantage of the trunk GPS tracking suitcase, can even let you know if the luggage has been open. In addition, the suitcase and two sensors for automatic weighing box, the weight will be displayed on the electronic baggage label, so that the passengers, baggage will not be in the packing the overweight.

it is worth mentioning that the mobile operators AT& T also in a news conference in May this year shows its own “the next generation of technology” (next – generation technologies) vision. AT& T says he hopes to built-in standards traceable technology or in the form of a label on the items such as luggage or briefcase. Thus, briefcase, or suitcase can directly and airline IT system compatibility, even convenient airlines will be hung luggage until the user’s hotel in the future.

at present, these products still under development, and need permission from federal regulators to for the mass market. But statistics show, only in April 141000 have taken place in the nation’s major airlines baggage handling errors incidents, equivalent to have three out of every 1000 passengers luggage will encounter similar incident. (Tom)

source: tencent technology