Don’t live to an employee about from LeiJunLiu: Internet companies need to young people?

cloud network hunting note: why the Internet need to young people? Because this is the world’s fastest growing and most volatile industry. In addition to no glare, today’s Internet no difference with the ancient warring states period, informative and, today still king, would die tomorrow. Win the decisive factor, in addition to gold, is a warrior.

this paragraph of time for discussion of Internet companies such as millet culture very much, I just know here tell a story about young people.

Ivan Wang is the Marketing manager of a domestic Internet company in Taiwan, at the present time by the company sent to silicon valley on a business trip, I met him by chance.
The 23-year-old big boy, a native of Taiwanese. He had another identity is millet in Taiwan’s first employee. In Ivan was reading sophomore year, basic isn’t at school, most of the time in the school teacher in high school English. In addition, he also likes to study all kinds of electronic products. When he saw the millet conference video on the Internet, that millet will become a big company in the future. So Ivan sent an email to millet. “millet to internationalization, must be the first stop in Taiwan. Although I am not an engineer, but I think you need a man understand also understand the language of science and technology.” millet didn’t respond at first, Ivan is human flesh on the net to the millet hr email, send the mail to him directly. Received the letter the next day.

Ivan received the first task, is responsible for millet mobile phone interface in Chinese, translated into accord with the Taiwanese traditional Chinese statement in the reading habit. The content of the thousand words, he spent three days to finish. After six months, he officially becomes the first millet in Taiwan employees, he get salary is general college graduates pay more than 2 times. During that time, he is responsible for millet brand marketing in Taiwan, and to help pr and product testing, the millet in Taiwan’s Facebook fan page from 0 to 200000 fans.

Ivan so do millet in Taiwan business from scratch.

a few months ago so Ivan departure shook the millet top. Millet President held spent two hours on the phone trying to keep him, lei jun also email said sorry to him personally.
Ivan is indispensable for millet? Not necessarily. But what is certain is that Ivan is the kind of young Internet companies like: smart, eye shot is open, strong learning ability, can be savage growth on a place.

frankly speaking, for young people around the world, it is a miserable time. Economic stagnation and industry upheavals is confusion and anxiety. Some American friends of the same age with me, a graduate is burdened with the heavy learning, many are still doing the chef, the cashier job salary humble; In Europe, the world’s civilization of this land, unemployed young people like ghosts wandering in the street. In Taiwan, Ivan told me the undergraduate of poor wages, so that companies like millet and cheetahs in Taiwan to open slightly high salary job candidates such as tide; I saw living in Beijing for two years, have already spend more than 20 years old young man, torture has become a middle-aged man.
If what belongs to the young people in the world, only the Internet. The industry in the past more than ten years experience in the upheaval like roller coaster, constant is a group after group of young people advance wave upon wave.

why the Internet need to young people? Because this is the world’s fastest growing and most volatile industry. In addition to no glare, today’s Internet no difference with the ancient warring states period, informative and, today still king, would die tomorrow. Win the decisive factor, in addition to gold, is a warrior.

in order to survive in a rapidly changing environment, Internet companies need is around Trinidad siege sisters soldiers day and night, rather than the same slow, sick. What kind of person is a soldier? Is young, healthy body plus a blood and bullheadedness, obligation to look back the pursue is perfect, like playing chicken blood to work overtime, like a madman self-imposed torture… Whether zuckerberg puts forward “Move fast and break things”, or li advocate sex Wolf, is this truth.

a crazy adventure brings wealth. In silicon valley, the constant emergence of new science and technology, surging house prices rose for the local people suffer; In Beijing, it is said that now the saleswoman in the eyes of the target customer, in addition to the coal bosses, are those who hold listed Internet companies the option of young engineers;

and the other side, it is premature decay. Literally speaking, many young Internet companies is to use life at work, burning light up his own company. Many people may be less than 30 years old like a badly worn machine, drop a chronic disease, even do it reached a certain age did not move.
so the Internet is doomed to be young people of the world .

someone to say, let a person work 12 hours a day, night can’t be with a girlfriend, can’t go out to relax this weekend. This is a normal life? Of course not. So reasonable, certainly not reasonable; Such a humanitarian, of course, inhuman. But applying popular now a word.” Kids ended right or wrong, only look at the pros and cons. “ this is the rules of the game, the Internet industry both sides battle to grab the keys, the side than in the day eight hundred day line of the party in the five hundred first arrived, speed and strength decided the outcome.

so please don’t eat people cursing millet overtime culture, also don’t laugh at the nokia staff layoffs. Everything is about choice, “you want to live a normal life, will meet ordinary setbacks. You want to live the best life, you will meet the strongest damage.” If you want to live a life of ordinary people, can not stand, can try to other industries, this is not what a shame. Even in silicon valley, also some people can’t stand every day, out of the Internet industry migrate.

the following passage, I know will certainly be scolded, but I still want to say.

if you’re in the Internet industry, one day your boss to put a challenging job in front, you should not complain, even should be thankful. You know most of your peers in other industries, at your age, can only follow the boss (usually is a lot older than them), do something to play soy sauce and walk-on. These tasks beyond your ability and effort may let you produce frustration, or even collapse, but it is the best means of leveling. novice can rapid growth in such leveling for Daniel. these years I interviewed a young founder and CEO, mountain.

the above is my some observations in the Internet industry, hope to help those young people confused. If you are not in the Internet industry, in fact, you still can use the Internet to do many things, here is what I think can make use of the Internet acquisition of three kinds of ability.

1. The ability of fast learning
Frankly, I think today’s education system has failed to keep pace with times. Young people learn in school for many companies is worthless, there have been more and more young people in the United States give up read the university. Ivan schools in Taiwan is very general, subjects with the Internet it doesn’t matter, but he’s learning ability made him in his spare time. When now on the Internet, you can learn anything you want to learn, whether the welding circuit board or the latest swift language. Believe that man is the most popular in the future can quickly acquire skills to solve problems via the Internet.
2. Self marketing

the Internet there is a magical function, which is able to maximize the individual influence. “Heroes do not ask the source”, the Internet really did it. Weibo the grassroots big V, and selling all kinds of products on taobao small town girl, in short, as long as you are good at something, the Internet will have to show you the stage. Doing so not only can let your potential employer and find your partner, and when a job that you like the opportunity to come to the front of you, who is your best resume. Now the king of the martial arts freely is a good example.

3. International vision

the Internet is quickly let the world becomes a village, the future industry consolidation will take place across national borders in worldwide fast, we might as well as Ivan will view abroad. Learned a foreign language, to a certain country short communication and learning, are worth the investment.

the last question, if you graduate from college, there are two jobs – a big foreign company and a prick silk Internet start-up, should choose who?

I would say the latter. Recently looked traditional founder of Google says the future work can be replaced by a machine caused many people unemployed, and an Internet executives also told me that they are hiring right now would rather have inexperienced newcomer than large foreign enterprise employees, because their knowledge single deconstruction, also often thinks himself to be not willing to learn new things. So those young people who have just graduated, rather than go to the foreign companies to do a screw on the tall, GunPa to prick silk Internet company than a few years to become the backbone of the company. Because screw can be replaced at any time, and where are the pillars of the beams.


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