Don’t use Windows 8 instead of top 10 reasons Windows XP

Microsoft is now officially abandoned support for Windows XP operating system, as a result, hundreds of millions worldwide use Windows XP users need to decide the next, Windows XP, or migrate to the latest version of Microsoft operating system? Despite a bigger update Windows 8 system, but also make up for the deficiency of the previously many Windows, however, users are now better don’t use Windows 8 instead of XP, the following are some Suggestions for the top 10 reasons.

1, for corporate users, productivity drops

in evaluating the solving ability of the new technology, companies tend to pay more attention to employee productivity. In fact, Windows 8 is a very different system, employees take a long time to skillfully using this new system, which means that Windows 8 to replace Windows XP will lead to reduced employee productivity, and thus will drag on the revenue of the enterprise. So for enterprise users with Windows 8 instead of XP is a bad choice.

2, Microsoft support stubbornly traditional design

weibo improved search results and some Windows 8.1 system user interface, the move or will help to enhance the overall effect of the Windows 8.1, however, Microsoft does not make significant improvements to the overall design of the new system. By contrast, the design of Windows 8.1 is still like the old system, it can be a problem for Windows XP users.

3, Windows 7 is still effective

since Windows 7 is still valid, that why to use Windows 8? In addition, in the design of the Windows 8 with Windows XP or have similarities, but also has Windows XP module, allows users to virtual running the old system. Windows XP system may not be the best, of course, but it’s worth the user to choose system.

4, too much change in

from Windows XP to Windows 8 excessive, will be a big jump. Not only the design of the two systems are different, and the interactive user and the system is also different. To sum up, to gradually adapt to the system upgrade method is better than suddenly a big upgrade.

5, Macs is worth considering

Macs may be a substitute for Windows XP. Although Macs in productivity and the design style will also bring challenges to Windows XP users, but anyway, OS X are more intuitive than Windows 8. In addition, Macs system can better integrate with iOS devices, but also has been far more software support. In general, for consumers, Macs will be a better choice than Windows 8.

6, Chrome OS, or will better

() recently announced, will be to those who migrated from Windows XP users $100 discount sales Chromebooks, this is very good for Google. This, of course, is a marketing strategy, but also is worthy of consumers to consider an option, because the Chrome OS is very concise, for beginners, the operation is very easy, but also very suitable for young children.

7, Windows 9 is about to hit

Windows 9 forthcoming, so its a while upgrading to Windows 8, might as well be a period of time to upgrade to the Windows 9 directly. The industry believes that Microsoft will show Windows 9 system in the coming months, finally, this system will be officially launched in 2015. Windows 9 can also greatly improve the problems in the Windows 8, and provides the ordinary users and enterprise users need software experience. In short, waiting to use Windows 9 May be a good choice.

8, tablets, poor experience trading

is still in use is part of the Windows XP users want to migrate to the tablet, to solve their computing needs. Microsoft has announced that it can through devices such as Surface system of Windows 8 to solve these problems. The truth of the matter is, however, Windows 8 tablets experience is very poor. Anyone wanting to high-end users should choose to use the tablet experience or Android tablet.

9, Windows 8 high hardware upgrade cost

not all users are willing to spend a lot of money to buy new equipment. In fact, there are some users budget can only be used to purchase a Windows XP system equipment, they don’t want to spend more money. For these users, Linux can also be a good choice, so Windows XP can continue to insist to use this system. If to use Windows 8 system, then the cost of hardware upgrades will be very high, especially upgrading to an operating system is not familiar with the hardware.

10, the software experience different effect

a big plus is that insist on Windows system from a technical perspective, the same on the XP program may also be compatible with Windows 8, but there is a problem, that is, for those who don’t like Windows 8 user, the application of Windows 8 with different interface and senses, they may not like it. Today, the majority of developers have been produced in accordance with Windows 8 style applications, this will give Windows XP users have trouble.