Don’t WeChat and easy on the letter, Microsoft small ice started to help overcome scandal

Microsoft (Asia) Internet engineering 7, announced that after m chat, Microsoft will provide easecredit user chat robot of artificial intelligence “small ice” service. It is understood that the current easy to believe that more than 80 million users, easy to believe with Microsoft will also be in the field of artificial intelligence, such as mobile Internet more in-depth cooperation.

easecredit 7 also announced cooperation with Microsoft (Asia) Internet engineering news, and said he would revive joint Microsoft common “ice”. The letter say easily, within a few weeks can be easy to see the figure of “ice”.

as a new generation of artificial intelligence and open platform, Microsoft on May 29, “ice” in micro letter, was the highest in public beta 3 days covered 1.5 million micro letter group of users. On June 1, according to introducing, Microsoft “ice” stop micro letter after operation, Microsoft (Asia) Internet engineering product team received a lot of ordinary users request from social network and email, hope to be able to see Microsoft “small ice” return as soon as possible.

easecredit Yuan Foyu market general manager said, “little ice” login easecredit robot platform, able to provide more fun chatting easecredit users, mobile search, restaurant reviews based mobile Internet services, such as easy letter will also be “little ice” with Microsoft team to explore the possibility of more diverse services.

it is understood that the current easy to believe that more than 80 million users, is becoming the fastest users and active promotion since the beginning of the year one of mobile social applications. Some in the industry of “small ice” letter in yi said the outlook. They believe that as easecredit and other social networking platform scale effect, Microsoft follow-up will not rule out based on a “little ice” for a new round of mobile entry. But analysts also pointed out the potential risk of the product model. Such as “little ice” how the reassurance to consumers, privacy is always a “little ice” such intimate chat products, the first consideration.

Microsoft project director Li Di small ice, according to the artificial intelligence and AI concept is different before. More is through the cloud computing, big data technologies, such as neural networks, depth gradually able to let the machine has produced a kind of based on the data correlation basic intelligence, bring more valuable services to enterprises and individuals.

the tencent to “user information security” problem since little ice block Microsoft, Microsoft said unwilling started from any Angle, the Microsoft with, with the attitude of second-line social tools to the other social networking tools to new stunt exposure, thereby to forced WeChat accepted the intention of the “little ice” is also very obvious.

to WeChat social bosses status, however, before long, give you points minutes out a tencent their “small ice” isn’t too difficult!