Don’t worry, the iPhone 6 not too expensive

according to, if can get enough support, apple plans on the next iPhone prices more expensive using synthetic sapphire screen. Although some prominent analysts think will therefore have a certain rise in the price of the iPhone, but we are sceptical. But bigger size screen became the prices the main reason.

the iPhone’s screen could reach 5.5 inches, if so, price increases will happen, but it has nothing to do with the sapphire screen. Another 4.7 -inch iPhone because the screen is not how much, the price should be improved, even in the new report referred to in the new smart watch sapphire, really available, also can’t more than the price of similar products of too much.

apple community analysts give apple hard poured a cold shower, they don’t think apple has the ability to put all the screen, all from corning gorilla glass with sapphire glass. Analyst Eric Virey pointed out that based on cost considerations, the use of sapphire glass as an apple mobile phone screen is unrealistic, a sapphire glass screen manufacturing cost as much as $30, perhaps many years later, the price will be reduced to $20. Use his in the Wall Street journal published on the point of view, the cost of sapphire glass screen is as 5 times as the gorilla glass.

but after check data and consulting experts, we found that apple to reduce sapphire screen manufacturing costs, has its own trick up their sleeves. Last year, apple and GT Advanced sapphire glass manufacturers cooperation, ramping up production of sapphire glass. GT Advanced acquired Twin Creeks Technologies, a company called Hyperion sliced program, the program combined with apple patent sapphire substrate, will greatly reduce the cost of production of sapphire glass screen.

apple used a cheaper glass as the main body of the screen, above covers the sapphire screen, in this way, apple really is a good way to control the cost, makes the cost of infinite close to the gorilla glass, can even cheaper. According to sources, apple has temporarily stop using the gorilla glass as the iPhone screen.

the gorilla glass is a kind of toughened glass, high prices. By producing sapphire glass, use Hyperion ion implantation machine technology, will be cut into thin slices, sapphire blue sapphire glass and laminated, apple can be on the basis of maintaining cost, to create a more domineering screen, is not, as some analysts say, need more than five times the cost.

in other words, apple may need to spend a little more a little on the phone’s screen, especially in production as rumors say 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen, but the cost is not much to need to pay for by higher prices.

if apple higher prices, the most likely reason is that the change of the screen size, of course, in pursuit of the big screen, people can tolerate price increase. And according to the requirements of the market for large screen strongly, even more than a few scratches, is not so intolerable.