Doorbot, it is time to consider giving your house door security “electronic door god!”

Doorbot household robot is automatically set the doorbell, camera and intelligent doorbell intercom system. Through the use of relevant Doorbot video in one direction, and two-way voice calls.

Doorbot intelligent doorbell by a specific APP to connect your smartphone, provide convenient and security integration services, to show you the door, no matter at home or not, you can be a dialogue with people outside. Replace your old doorbell, connect Doorbot on your home wi-fi, when someone press the door bell, you can pass the iOS or Android phones to monitor the door. As a result of the installation in Doorbot a built-in camera, speaker and microphone, you can not open the door and talk to visitors.

although the features of the above described beautifully, but my experience is Doorbot provide video quality is poor, two-way voice calls function completely. Although now such as Doorbot products in intelligent household market will have a place, I also can’t again choose this product, I look forward to the future will have to improve a new generation of products.

Doorbot weighed 230 grams and the size is 1.30 inches long, 2.4 inches wide, 5.7 inches (3.3 cm * 6 cm * 14.5 cm). The overall made of aluminum alloy, silver surface, appear strong and elegant. You have two installations – hard line directly to your existing bell cable, in order to avoid future power is too low; Or rely on the built-in battery powered, but it need to use the USB charger to charge every year.

I downloaded Doorbot application on the iPhone 5. The future iOS 6.1 version, Android devices, etc. Can also support the system. Also can through the 3 g, 4 g, LTE, operation and wi-fi. This means that no matter you are lying on the couch, or on the road of thousands of miles away from home, can see the man standing in front of your house.

I created an account, give me a name Doorbot, set my own time zone information. I could set up the equipment at home. I only use some of the powerful double-sided adhesive to stick on the door frame it. Maybe someone want to permanently fixed it, but I just want to do a test, so it is enough. Because I had is wireless doorbell, so I don’t need to be for the new bell pack what line.

App will instruct you ring the bell button, and then the LED light will flash blue light. Choose doorbot wi-fi network Settings, waiting for the application prompts you to enter your home wi-fi information, and then the connection. Below, you can plan to use Doorbot!

Doorbot consists of a camera, a doorbell, speaker, microphone, and related to the app. When connected wi-fi, as long as there is visitor rang the bell, you will receive a push notification. The status of the camera automatically live outside, can you use a “hold” button to dialogue with visitors (Doorbot will not save the video clip. But when you hold down the button, can’t hear the visitor talk, only let go of the button can hear their reply. So it is like an intercom system.

I have tested the cellular connectivity and wi-fi connection Doorbot under working condition, found that the result is the same. The video quality is very poor, two-way voice calls to delay about 10% – whether I’m in 5 feet and 5 miles.

the specific example, it is low pixels, it was hard to see who is standing in front of you. If they just walk in mobile video image is blurred beyond recognition. Whether it is day or night it is the case.

and “hold” function is bad. My experiment in different circumstances many times – as users using the app, as well as the actual ring the bell. Several times I can hear from Doorbot audio speakers, but I can’t offer Doorbot by mobile phone microphone to any response to the audio.

if I totally rely on Doorbot so-called clear video and two-way voice calls, I doubt I’ll get the door UPS delivery person as my next door neighbor. So, I still silently back to the usual, got up from the sofa, to see who came to the door.

in addition to the need to improve video quality and two-way voice calls function, the system will improve the motion sensor. Because not all people are according to your doorbell, not to mention Doorbot doesn’t really look like a traditional doorbell, then your visitors are more likely to choose knocking at the door not ring the bell. In that case you would not have received the reminder notices.

for now DIY smart home market, Doorbot uniqueness to some features are combined, and the few competitors. Recently, a 23-year-old college students with its SmartBell concept to win the game for technology companies. Although he proposed product hasn’t begun to retail, but has many of the same characteristics and Doorbot. At present, the $200 SkyBell Video Doorbell is one of the largest competitors Doorbot. On the WWDC 2014, apple on intelligent household launched its integration into the iOS HomeKit 8 system, SkyBell Video Doorbell is one of its partners. According to the characteristics and performance comparison with the Doorbo test is imminent.

now, Doorbot to do a lot of effort to prove their worth 200 dollars. I believe this product will soon make some necessary changes, making a comeback. Before that, or twist your hand money, continue to live in to look at the visitors from the cat’s eye.