DoorDash sequoia $17.3 million financing, save the express industry is technology after all!

DoorDash fast send 】 【

science and technology change life, DoorDash is a power of science and technology to improve the delivery and distribution pattern of start-ups.

at present, the user can log on to DoorDash website and related App, selection of restaurants and dishes, and then place the order. DoorDash will user menu to the restaurant, at the same time, to grasp the time sent delivery man to take food, delivery. It is reported, from order to delivery, as long as 44 minutes on average.

although outside a fortune selling and distribution, DoorDash has always insisted that he was a focus on logistics and the startup of science and technology, with big dreams, to the extension of the Courier service to the food distribution. Recently ended smoothly financing round also offers DoorDash sufficient capital.

the development of fast, high praise, the space is large 】

in the San Francisco bay area, the busy life rhythm let food distribution market is full of opportunities, similar food distribution such as Sprig, a startup Spoonrocket, Caviar, Postmates are respectively obtained the level of tens of millions of dollars of investment, called Munchery company has raised $28 million in huge investment again. However, compared with other competitors, the only service in palo alto, mountain view, SAN jose area DoorDash, what characteristics make it won the favour of sequoia capital?

Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Tony Xu DoorDash three Chinese started in the bay area to develop very quickly, measure of user preference for its services. In 10 months of distribution service, DoorDash total profit tens of millions of dollars, according to the data show that 1/6 of the bay area homes used DoorDash service.

according to the sequoia partner Lin, rapid growth and the choice of a good user feedback is sequoia capital investment one of the reasons. Lin said that in exchange with DoorDash partners and users, DoorDash universal access to high praise.

of course, sequoia capital also took a fancy to DoorDash huge development space – after all DoorDash behind the development direction of the future can jump out of the food distribution framework, focusing on the optimization of the Courier service.

positioning and technology 】 【

founder Tang reiterated DoorDash about its positioning – focus on logistics and technology. Food distribution for DoorDash only ticket, DoorDash will continue to improve the technology and infrastructure, to create a reliable and efficient logistics network.

now DoorDash in fast, intelligent distribution with has obtained certain achievement – DoorDash distribution system can self study, and based on the number of delivery man, variables such as time, estimated demand to adjust; DoorDash also have their own lines plan algorithm, ensure any time can have enough delivery man on-the-job; At the same time, DoorDash technology products for the hotel preparation time has a good grasp, ensure the delivery personnel can arrive at your hotel within the right time to get meals; For the delivery man DoorDash also provides automatic route planning algorithm, can choose faster route.

all of the above technology let DoorDash delivery man can more easily and effectively complete the delivery mission, through the intelligent planning and scheduling, a single delivery man can also open the multitask mode, further improve the efficiency of delivery.

Tang said DoorDash will move into new markets, to extend to the whole country, at the same time pay attention to the vertical market development, multiple new markets can be foreseen DoorDash is coming soon. And when DoorDash set up integrated distribution system, DoorDash distribution content will spread out from food, and even to “can”.

opportunities and challenges 】 【

DoorDash outlook is not bad, but the opportunity with challenge. Want to expand the market, DoorDash each market must be solved first local suppliers and the delivery man, obviously this process is not easy. But DoorDash has a good reputation in the partner, Lin said DoorDash is expected to use good supplier base to expand. After all in the industry, the scale once set up, has a stability. What DoorDash development in the future, and remains to be seen.

financing situation 】 【

DoorDash that A round of funding raised $17.3 million, sequoia capital led, the original investors Khosla Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Pejman Mar Ventures, and Ted Zagat. Since then after financing, sequoia partner Alfred Lin to join DoorDash board.

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