Dropbox acquisition Droptalk integrated chat with cloud storage

according to four Droptalk blog this week, cloud storage service Dropbox formal purchase private chat application. Can, of course, investigate its reason, and not only because of the similar name (Drop) or business overlap (involves cloud storage).

Droptalk mainly sponsored by the former employees of Facebook, LinkedIn, and is suitable for iOS, Android platform Web pages.

Droptalk main function is to Talk private chat, while the Drop represents the Droptalk cloud storage function. Users of cloud storage folder can be associated with the current session, after this session participants can see real-time share files and can be directly open the file. Similarly, users can also through the Web page would be added to the content of the Web side chat content.

Dropbox recently acquired mainly in photos and sharing two big functions, after the original functions gradually perfect, it is conceivable that chat is Dropbox future development focus – early Dropbox for office chat application Zulip takeover is in keeping with the development direction, the acquisition of Droptalk purpose also is such.

the Dropbox did not disclose purchase terms, but Droptalk acquisition price should not be too high, after all Droptalk has yet to receive the wind investment and financing, product also has not yet been materialization – its Chrome extension application is only a beta (now stopped receiving test application).