Drops a formal public beta commercial vehicles business

article/GengChen road network reporter ()

20 August, confirmed by road net many, drops a taxi has recently formally open beta commercial vehicles business. At present, the scope of public beta only Beijing shangdi, zhongguancun, international trade, financial and other regions, has not been completed for the full coverage of Beijing.

according to road net, according to the previously reported information inside the drops a taxi past, has been operating commercial vehicles business car rental business has been named as “U better take a taxi”, but has been in a low-key development phase, never disclosed any news. To this, the road net exclusive learned that after the drops a taxi hope to the end of August, but eventually died because of policy reasons, whether it can online to see how to further interpretation of the policy. And as a taxi drops entered a era of business car rental, in the market to formally formed easily also, drops, big three commercial vehicles combination of fast.

the following content of road net the earlier essays on the rental car drops a taxi into the bureau of commerce, subsidy wars will repeat itself?” Author: Song Xuan road network partner ()

as the recently several media reports, drops a taxi is operating a business car rental, a project within seat earlier this year will get, drops a taxi has split out a technical team responsible for business rental program, the early stage of the development by the birth of baidu drops a taxi aoj technology vice President is responsible for the products.

by years, drops insiders revealed, this project has split out a company operating alone, together with the original app project with taxi belongs to drops group. And almost at the same time, tencent also sent a senior in charge of pr in drops is responsible for the company’s future marketing work of whole office drops market vice President, and thus also brought drops again the personnel changes, it is understood that after working for our guest drops a taxi operation vice President zhang have left, this is the wai shum leave wind drops there is a “man” after vice President to leave.

after a series of restructuring and drabs invasion of business car rental market is about to put on a new shirt, and a fast’s number one car (formerly known as bumblebee), such as easy to compete.

U delay nearly two months, or take a taxi at the end of August online

after the drops were expected to be launched at the end of June this year business rental program, but time is delayed, until recently drops insiders revealed to the media, have been identified in online time in August, and as for the delay reason insiders didn’t say much, only said that at present the government for a taxi app and business car rental policy is not clear.

at the same time, a number of easy to driver to the media, according to a recent drops a taxi, a car (formerly known as bumblebee), aa car rental in poaching, and easy to different is that drops a taxi will launch wearing suits tie would u take a taxi or asked the driver to service, but the rules are similar to aa car rental requirements.