Dubbing show, dubbing cut video UGC explore social interest

all decrease the cost of entertainment products are good products. Will be through entertainment, don’t pursue god level voice effect, the voice of my childhood dream is also a good choice.

dubbing show, hunting cloud network reported previously done simple products. Their solution is to allow users to easily on the phone playing video. Reduces the threshold of voice, your professional dictionaries, the popularization.

experience, dubbing show belongs to actually to dub in cut video UGC, focus on the social interest this point. Users of the dubbing works can be spread in the community, the user feel good product can go to the top, can also help him exposure (need to gold, gold access can be Shared, can be uploaded material, can be won praise users point).

in addition to solve the cost of voice, they also can solve the problem of dubbing material. now the voice of material, adopt the crowdsourcing model , users can upload video material on its own. After the user login, the background will be assigned a user login ID and password. Can log on to use PC material production platform.

of 5 people from the beginning to now 14 people, dubbing show in the vertical entertainment community built up a group of users. After they had finished the grand angel round of investment.

there is a problem at first: video UGC, whether it will involve some video content of legal? Dubbing show team made a clarification to this problem. They consulted some relevant institutions. A minute or so short video like this won’t appear copyright issues.

dubbing show also doing and some big domestic copyright agency cooperation. Get the content copyright by resource replacement at present. Fundamentally, the film and television play pieces have no direct conflict of interest with the complete content, but some kind of situation is a kind of promote the relationship. Do material such as a movie can be used to break up, and the movie company cooperation, also received through the involvement of the user in the film.

dubbing show

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