Dubbing show, will be singing voice acting in the world?

professional watanabe, huai show network help well-known dubbing groups, new the white niang son legend, princess huanzhu various level of parody dubbing, whether you heard slightly. Ever on impulse, you play one voice, “chow” round a childhood dream.

the god on the network level dubbing, behind is the creation of the need team work together to complete. This one, to suppress a lot of people dream of entertainment dubbing. In fact, ordinary people have no need to become a professional new cross, or old wet, pure entertainment voice on the phone also can be finished.

dubbing show, show in hangzhou science and technology of a mobile phone voice products. Positioning is the mobile phone voice community, will be entertainment. Dubbing show from the experience, more like a tool and the application of community. He solved the voice acting on two of the most difficult point.

a dubbing the required material, dubbing show, at present the voice of material using the crowdsourcing model, users can upload video material on its own. After the user login, the background will be assigned a user login ID and password. The user can log on to the PC to use the material production platform.

a second difficulty is, dubbing effect, in the process of user dubbing, unavoidably affected by other sounds. Experience and dubbing show is optimized in this respect. User dubbing is completed, the background will sort out the voice of the new content. But I still want to say it in accordance with the author, the one who’m tone-deaf, try a video of infernal affairs. Dubbing voice is good, is to keep up with the rhythm. In this direction, the author should only have to enjoy life.

the author himself is said above, the voice still need more practice. I don’t doesn’t mean others don’t. In active voice dubbing show lovers or a lot. Some users work number hundreds. And that the individual obtain user interface can also be a thumb up. At the same time also can focus on other voices. Is the current social haven’t get through, can not chat and attention of superior.

in the audio entertainment, there is currently no similar products on the market, the main vertical product can kind of entertainment, like cartoons heeling, unable to wikipedia, etc., in fact they are vertical entertainment products. Outbreak of comic main outbreak style, unable to be more ordinary thing of life. But to say more similar analogy, should be to sing. Sing to phone the KTV, dubbing show to voice cuts. Belong to the user’s entertainment, just different direction. At present, the dubbing show has won the grand angel rounds of capital investment.

dubbing show

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