E-mail ms Chen business fraud truth: a former partner at its false speech

note: hunting cloud network reproduced the contents of the “in the morning, caused the reader’s response.

a reporter in the industry and the key link to the article involves the party Mr Forrest, through the mail way about the ins and outs of the whole event and the key problems to solve. In addition, Mr Forrest with ms Chen off the chat logs screenshots for $1 million.

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on May 16, the ringing of the nyse upstart ms Chen in the future. But in just a few days later, another about his entrepreneurial suspected of fraud in the Internet enlarge fermentation; Upstart is not expensive? And who restores the events as they really are? I pass a few days to the hustle and bustle of interview finally solved.

on June 10th, a loyal readers in micro the letter sent me an article I speak of myself C childe, articles from a famous domestic BBS, the authors with the attitude of the parties to Chen’s alleged “entrepreneurship” fiction story. I by comparing Chen’s previous interview found that the time and place are all very fit, only the process of entrepreneurial experience different from Chen’s statement to the media. People keep analyzes about it with your circle of friends, for the sensitivity of the professional media, I realized that in this article.

10 evening, with doubt call beauty is superior public relations staff, hope to be able to interview ms Chen or get a official answer, however, until now, the answer is always: discussing whether to respond. Gather beauty is superior of indecision and more let the heart is suspicious, so try to change a way to prove, when I passed by mail contact with another party, Mr Forrest, he readily agreed to my exclusive interview by mail, made me more surprised that his offer related information, let us away from the “startup” seems to be closer to the truth of the event.

I agree with “ZhiBen clean to also clean” way of life, and the same but most essential part of the news reports, will now Mr Forrest’s email full text present along with the material is as follows:

XX lady

thank you letter. First of all, for you and your Garena attention and concern, I appreciate here.

Garena has focused on Internet related business, Singapore and southeast Asia to China’s situation is not very understanding, and nearly two days in addition to you, and there also some other Chinese media call or letter to ask about Mr Chen’s some situation, because of the sudden, I don’t know how to answer. Mr And Mongolia told that you are important and well-known journalist in China, over the years have rigorous and important achievements in journalism, so I here as far as I know, can you email and some matters in the answer.

about Mr Chen’s, we are really used to be a partner, met in 2007, we also have a lot of mutual friends, but don’t have much contact in recent years. Has heard he organized by the company officially listed in the United States, in private, I would like to sincere congratulations.

however, you mentioned in the email Mr Chen’s is one of the founders of Garena today, the term or uncertain. Briefly, I did with Mr Chen’s on March 13, 2007, founded the Ocean Global Holding Limited, referred to as “GGgame abroad. After Mr Chen’s to leave the team, I put the Ocean in 2008 Global Holding Limited changed its name to Garena Global Holding Limited, but because we were focused on netplay platform business did not succeed, so we finally ended the software tool development and operation, and liquidation company.

on May 8, 2009, I established a new company in Singapore to start the business, but also largely preserved the original team continue to work. Mainly want to its initial period of entrepreneurial experience to be a memorial, so we finally keep the Garena name, for the company named Garena Online Private Limited. So, Mr Chen’s is demonstrably is one of the important founder of GGgame, but the current garena relations with Mr Chen’s may not have too much. This is what I need to clarify.

of course, in a sense could really is my cause the misunderstanding, because when I was in their second venture was given the name Garena, confusion leads to the outside world. This is I hadn’t considered. In fact, before you, I heard a similar statement, even my team had some specific inquiries to me, I also special within the company introduced the process of the full mailing.

about what you have said Mr Chen’s shares to sell, is correct. In August 2007, Mr Chen the United States, began in November to contact with me said he wanted to sell his 35% stake in Ocean Global Holding Limited, ‘he said at the time he needs money, mainly to pay tuition fees and other purposes, he didn’t like me to meet. He hope at that time to $1 million, the company itself has no profit, the business of also is not good enough, this is a big difficult for we do. But now that I think is cooperation, regardless of the outcome, should have a channelled to useful ends, and also a good personal relationship, plus we have been so I raised 700000 dollars to him, to buy out his holdings of shares. To this, he is very grateful to me. That’s it.

for you by mail and another statement, said Mr Chen’s said that the man was been excluded from the company during the period of study in the United States, was forced to sell shares, will let me feel very shocked. Before that I have ever heard of mainland friends I have paraphrased, but considering you are an important news, I have to reconsider this kind of view is in today’s China has been a lot of a lot of people believe it. I am here to solemnly: this is not true! Mr Chen’s stake sale, is his own initiative, he also thank you very much to buy we do, things can’t be what you said here.

my MSN conversation and Mr Chen’s record here and I keep, because these information are now also does not have too much business sense, I give to you as attachment, if ms XX you are interested, you can see Mr Chen’s himself at that time is how to talk to me directly.

about the third question you ask, is about to Mr Chen ou. The details here I do more clear than most people, in fact we know in the beginning, I know that to Mr Chen ou have to go to Stanford university will, and we get to know each other and this also, because I also graduated from Stanford, is our alumni. But when we met in early 2007, when we decided to joint venture, Mr Chen’s is a told me that he will choose to stay in Singapore for the business, not the United States. It also strengthened my confidence, so I also quit his job at the MTV digital entertainment at the time, with his business, we only have less than ten people at that time, the first office is in a big room. But since then Mr Chen ou may be changed his mind, he never interrupt for Stanford’s application, and in the next few months should be in August to the United States. Is this matter itself, of course, I was not very happy, because of start-up, is the most difficult time, one of the most important partners forget his promise, and leave you, leave the team. Today, but I think if it is not Mr Chen’s, I probably won’t come out business, also won’t encounter what hone, Garena today could get away with some achievements, we are still very lucky.

so specific to this matter, I can only say that admit Mr Chen’s and other team colleagues did not fulfill his promise to me, but today I feel less important, or even a blessing in disguise.

XX lady, if you write and some of the problems, I know about the above. Mr Chen’s work with I do have a tip that year, I also wish to continue to develop his future career. But I definitely can’t agree with what he said. “he had excluded forced out”, it is unfair to me and all our team members, that’s not true. If he really said that similar comments, I solemnly hope he to clarify, and began to tell the public what the truth is.

best wishes


of course, without both MSN conversation, I think the important part is the red translation oh: