Eager to flip chip business IBM is in the development of the human brain processors

, IBM is working with several universities and research institutions work together to create a similar simplified version of the human brain chip. Interestingly, this and IBM now eager to sell their chip manufacturing business status quo, in stark contrast.

uphold the “Forbes” consistent “ten” style, eloquent article introduced this is not a breakthrough innovation in the industry. IBM, in a nutshell, the chip used a similar cranial nerve network architecture style, finally can be used for more complex thinking and solving problem. IBM stressed, however, this product is not replacement of existing computer processors, but added. This is like is the person’s left and right brain, left brain (existing computer chips) for processing of large amounts of data quickly, and the chip (IBM) in the brain’s right hemisphere is in order to arrange good data analysis, thinking the solution.

it is understood that the chip IBM development plan is one of the department of defense scientific research project. In addition to strong performance, the energy consumption is still very low, and almost a notebook computer chip at the same power consumption.

however, and the brain “IBM chip” grand plans in contrast, just this week, the media reported that IBM to changed hands loss-making chip business, which paid $1 billion to “lure”, Romania, to buy the chip business.