Early education combined with mobile games, Fingerprint by dreamworks animation thousands dollar funding

dreamworks has brought round of $10.9 million in financing, financing object is a specially designed for children’s mobile gaming company Fingerprint.

the children’s market will also be mobile

Fingerprint, founder and CEO, said Nancy Maclntyre, along with the development of science and technology, children spend time on mobile devices is also more and more, is not only a game, including the video and read sometimes will be completed on mobile devices. According to Common Sense Media research, 2011-2013, up to 8 years old of children watch TV time reduced to 21 minutes a day on average, spend 15 minutes on mobile devices (3 times that of the 2011 data). The number of children using mobile devices for the same period rose from 38% to 72%. And this trend has also encouraged the traditional media and games for mobile terminal on the corresponding strategy.

Maclntyre originally American educational electronic toy company LeapFrog (jumping frog) in product innovation and Marketing Department head, it founded in 2011, the Fingerprint, the children into the mobile game market. In August 2012, get the first round of $7.75 million in financing from the Corus Fingerprint. Maclntyre said after she had contact digital vc, but the business model of Fingerprint common, “the children’s market scale growth is slow, not profit-seeking business ventures are fond of. And both users and investors but media and education company is a major supporter of Fingerprint “

product commercialization network, combined with the content

the operation mode of the Fingerprint mainly for their own its application associated network. When users download after one of the popular application, the application will prompt account set up parents and children’s accounts. Parent account will receive a Fingerprint, recommend to other applications, and to monitor their child’s application usage, and based on the application of learning situation.

the Fingerprint have 26 employees, its application has as many as 250, is expected to reach 600 in the year. , according to a Maclntyre Fingerprint series products of their own about 3 million users, each account to download 2.5 a game. Fingerprint recently started to work with other brand launch a series of products. Partners including samsung, Sylvan Learning Center, Malaysia TV business, etc. Maclntyre temporarily does not provide these cooperation series of user data.

Maclntyre, according to a new round of funding B will get from the book publishers Reed Elsevier PLC and Corus Entertainment support. Considering the Corus and join dreamworks, future Fingerprint will consider some business cooperation in content, take care of the interests of investors, but she did not give further information.

Maclntyre also said that the Fingerprint hope to cooperate with Redd Elsevier, for small age bigger users provide appropriate game content.

new competitive

Fingerprint has been trying to reduce the inherent risk mobile games, such as game market faces a flash in the pan – disappeared after blasting red, such as the fierce competition for users, etc. At the same time, as the user’s mobile game company aimed at children, Fingerprint need to face the children often change chang new taste. Users in general, children focus on a game with no more than two weeks, the challenge even greater education games. In order to effectively cope with, Fingerprint will ensure new product launch at a certain speed. Maclntyre also admits, the pursuit of popular business model challenge does not small.

on the other hand, take the children to the user as the goal of the game has hundreds of thousands of new companies also continuously to join the competition, Fingerprint competition is also to be reckoned with. Fingerprint will be taken after the new products quickly to implement strategic planning to increase downloads in order to improve measures should goods classification. At the same time also in Canada, Australia and other markets gives the test first, in order to reduce the occurrence of the Bug, guarantee the quality of their application.