Earthquake disaster don’t have to worry about, automatic folding paper ensure rescue robot zero casualties

imagine this: a pile of paper was sent into space, can fold into a satellite himself; Or a “squished” robots can be sent to after the collapse of buildings to self-assembly and perform the task. It sounds very incredible isn’t it? But in the future, it is a possible vision: because this week, the world’s first in folding forming by itself without human intervention and perform the task of the robot was born.

the Sam Felton graduated from Harvard University, and he is from Harvard University school of engineering and applied science and colleagues at the Massachusetts institute of technology, inspired by the principle of complex three-dimensional origami can take together to create a self folding robot, and has set up a research achievements will be published in the journal science.

Felton said they created machines are made from composite paper, flexible circuit boards, and called the Shrinky Dinks manufactured toys together. Under the condition of the heating composite paper can shrink into small and hard. The material that makes it possible to quickly build a cheap robot, Felton said, however, that in the future there will be a better material, to make it to be offset for human beings to build out of the robot. Sounds for the first time, you may find another gimmick product, but in the post-earthquake relief, especially under the condition of terrain is difficult to let the vehicles and personnel traffic, automatic folding – rehabilitation robots will be very helpful!

we can see in their presentation, a flat composite paper as charged automatically become straight, “alive” to run. The project for the future infinite possibility, is an interesting start.