Easecredit user $: count the gain and loss of the past and future opportunities

easy letter in last week announced the user $, announced on active users and at the same time the proportion of active users, 30% and 10% respectively. For a goal, the product of entire network users, the data is not high, but also can accept: after all easy to believe that competition is a very tough market, and launched less than a year.

in the six months ago, I even mistaken for easy letter till the end of the year, this product because it was easy to believe who missed some important opportunities. Since this year, yi letter is back into the correct orbit gradually, have the capital to live, and even have a chance to live well.

soon, the one year anniversary of easy letter will celebrate her birthday, at this point in time, might as well talk about easy to believe that over the past year the wins and losses, and future opportunities.

had missed opportunities

a year ago, netease and jointly held a conference of China telecom, easy to believe. Conference was very successful, depth, for the first time the Internet companies and telecom operators such as sohu jingdong 360 Internet bosses, even the China mobile and China unicom from the wing to send representatives to attend. That sparked the curiosity and speculation of the outside world, combined with the mobile IM conversation at that time, the media scramble to report. Yi letter at that time, the data is given, on the first day to download 1 million, 10 days more than 10 million users.

however, just released easecredit service is not stable, to the user’s first impression is: easecredit unique free text messages, phone messages, and other functions, service is not stable, there is a big delay. Free SMS usually need at least 1 hour to get to the other phone, phone message function and even need to get to every other day.

although very swift to easecredit, released in a week later, were completely repair delay problems, and make free text messages and phone messages can be arrived in an instant, but this word of mouth spread for seed users caused by the negative impact is difficult to eliminate.

easecredit flow of another weapon is presented and breaks. Be announced at the time of release, the easy letter gave each registered users, 300 m flow, presented a 60 m flow for active users each month. It is actually an attractive strategy, even now, the user consumption is still very sensitive to flow. Unfortunately, easecredit traffic strategy is not simply present, users need to invite a few friends with easecredit, can receive traffic. Yi letter of intent may be booming population, but obviously overestimated the user ACTS as the role of soliciting interest. If directly without any steps away, got a “cheap” flow of users for goodwill and consumption demand, will take the initiative to invite friends to use.

after that, easecredit further claims will implement three net free flow, this is a big news, history says “yi letter enlarge recruit”. Yi letter to the third net free flow strategy carried out plenty of publicity, but it is much cry and little wool finally issued the scheme, far below the user expectations, resulting in a significant number of users to reduce the affection for easy to believe.

easy letter at an early stage of several important error, roughly as above. There is no lack of in terms of the product itself, easecredit or bright eye: whether it is a basic communication function, operation experience, or explore unique innovation and differentiation.

high quality mobile IM products

this is adding some labels, give yourself a high quality, fun, accessibility, etc, it has been proved that these easecredit is done.

when it comes to easecredit experience, the most basic voice intercom is easy to believe one of the most commendable function. Easily believe that the letter voice intercom timbre WeChat higher 4 times the left and right sides, this is not an empty one. My side all the user used easecredit, easecredit voice intercom clear degree of admiration, many in the broadcast, dubbing industry users to easecredit voice like it too. Said simple, easy to believe the quality was impeccable.

in the interface and operation, easy to believe it is also worth. There are a lot of rhetoric, said “what’s the use of interface and delicate, the key is XXX”, I totally disagree with this idea. No matter what the core or the key is, delicate interface is very important, it’s nothing to discuss. In operation, easy letter details of innovation around the intercom function do very commendable, it is after the intercom button, the bottom of the screen will appear a large recording button, convenient to operate; If you want to more easy to operate, you can double-click on the interface of the margin in the conversation directly into full screen mode of recording, select send or cancel after the speech. Can be seen from the two details, devil easecredit is how to improve grinding of product.

for the young people of the main, easy to believe in “interesting” this point also do sufficient article. Nowadays face shop has become an integral part of mobile IM, reason is the expression culture behind carries a lot of fun, and functional in the dialogue. We have more than one original image expression, including Xiong Xiaoyi, o chicken mead, peel bear, etc.; Detective conan, introduced in the cooperation, sakura momoko, etc; Stick to entertainment viewpoints GongSuo liancheng, old boy, small time series expression. Enrich the expression library at the same time in continuation of their own free strategy, all all free expression.

easecredit last year launched a free international roaming phone calls, and initially have free SMS, free phone messages together, formed a unique way of barrier-free communication. As you can see, we expect to achieve the ultimate goal of, is the user through easecredit, can ensure information transmission. In the letter sending messages easily, when each other for a long time did not read the message can be a key into a free text messages, to a large extent have the effect of information will reach. And in addition to text message, the user can also choose to phone message or make a phone call – call way, currently only support abroad, the future will also at home.

based on the above information, we can see that this is an excellent product, basic skill and originality. Do this through continuous dynamic is the nearest. Ask and carpooling two functions, the family at the social level more exploration. Other users after conference in also mentioned the latest “fresh social life” concept, and “inputs” three to five years at no cost, easy to believe the future direction is remarkable.

three future opportunities

this opportunity there are three main direction of the future, as yi letter of communications products, as a social product is easy to believe, as a mobile platform is easy to believe.

basic communication function is characteristic of easy letter directly different from competitors, for easy letter of barrier-free communication concept, easy to believe the basis of communication is fully functional and high quality. Through easecredit, users can realize the micro letter all the basic communication function, which in voice intercom, experience, etc to do better; At the same time, yi letter can also be cut into the text messages and telephone communications network. In the aspect of communication at present, there is no similar products like yi letter thoroughly.

now the consensus view is that the future domestic VoIP Internet phone open, will become the mobile instant messaging products under a qualitative change node. The future on the level of competition, we will have a unique first mover advantage. Before we have launched a free test functions such as international roaming phone, once the domestic Internet phone open, easy to believe in licence, operators resources advantages will directly.

compared to the original attaches great importance to the communication function, easy to believe the social attributes are concentrated in recent months. Caution about social than the original, easy to believe the recent action is a bold try water; After successful testing the waters in and then launch the latest “fresh social life” strategy.

easecredit for social obviously has its own understanding. Insist on not do booty call social easecredit, to some extent reduced the appeal of their products, it also reflects how easily believed to be treated with caution on the level of social action. According to easy to believe the latest ask and carpooling two social function, you can see that we want to provide more valuable social play: meet the needs of real life, rather than just send empty lonely cold.

in easecredit rolled out its new strategy of social life, we should see yi letter clearer social direction. Around social life, at least, that sounds much more on, can attract enough people use to see how easecredit subsequent experience of social function.

as easy letter of the mobile platform, has showed some ability, easy to believe the public platform and open platform function is very complete. According to “white papers” published easecredit, financial services, cultural science and technology, entertainment, three types of public accounts the most popular with easecredit users; Yi letter open platform will help many third-party applications to realize information sharing, account sharing, etc.

this online game platform in two months ago, the current launch of the “mini westward journey” and “ninja must die 2” two game. Netease as the second largest game in the domestic business, sustainable input to easecredit platform game quality products; With easecredit ability of the platform at the same time, will also be a product of high grade game to attract a third party.

the three direction, need to be built on easecredit continued investment, and sustainable and healthy development of the premise. For easy letter, the good news is that netease and telecommunications in keeping the dedication, and the future development direction is clear.

the place on put together is narrated, easecredit is a born in product competition environment, faced WeChat, LINE, rice chat, Momo, going back and forth, fetion, and many other top rivals, common fighting the same piece of the market; At the beginning of the product, but also had many serious errors. But as easy letter for one year of continuous adjustment and power, easy letter forward path is becoming more and more clear, products and resources advantage also gradually revealed. This is worth looking forward to next year’s performance..