Easecredit users exceeds 80 million in mobile social origin, and other fields

on Monday time public events, business department, general manager of China telecom innovation an-min li, netease and jointly launched by China telecom mobile application easecredit total number of users has exceeded 80 million. And according to the recently released easecredit products information, we will soon be mobile social comprehensive power, mobile games, and other fields.

in the latest version upgrade, we have joined a pioneering “ask” question and answer community. By asking, users can be initiated anytime and anywhere, and get the dose. Compared with the traditional q&a community, ask more like a square, in addition to solve the problem, but also by question and answer form Internet users interaction behavior. It is worth noting that we ask is social easecredit first to strangers.

for social mobility, the similar isn’t going to be like “shake” interactive form of too direct, but is more inclined to “social practical”. When the mobile terminal to try on different approaches to social, we want to provide more practical social experience. Yi letter before asking the map of “friends” also is of the same idea, through friends map can share location information with friends, more convenient to communicate with friends on line.

the global mobile Internet conference earlier this month, we asked participants show the first game of its upcoming products “ninja must die 2”, and get the users spoke highly of the site to participate in the demo. Easecredit tested, according to earlier to complete its gaming platform, is expected to officially launched within this month.

according to introducing, this game platform will adhere to the previous easecredit advocated open attitude, in addition to access to netease, telecommunications, independent research and development or the sole agent of mobile games, will also introduce the domestic and international numerous third-party game products. Yi letter behind online game platform, is the important embodiment of easecredit platform capability.

at the same time, this month easecredit another significant platform – payment platform will be officially launched. Easecredit RuanLiang foreign general manager, said yi letter will be released in late may and payment function, it will pay for the merchants of the public platform to solve problems.

about the core communication function, easy letter will further strengthen its extreme experience. On the one hand, easecredit through exclusive noise reduction technology provides much higher than similar products of intelligibility, combining the resources of the Chinese telecom operators on the other hand, is easy to believe in the use of text messages, call to provide better experience. Currently easecredit support sending SMS free, free talk between friends, as well as international roaming phone features.

analysis is expected, as yi letter in the first half in game platform, payment platform, in areas such as power and perfect social system, easy credit number and activity will usher in a new round of growth more strongly, its ability and open platform, will also win the favor of the more third-party partners.