Education investment amount Baidu to education O2O shots

/Helen, from: ITlady

has proposed “the Internet” overturn traditional industries of robin li, baidu chairman began to “sell” the traditional education field.

there are sources of ITlady exclusively revealed that baidu has been recently investment education institution to learn education, huaxing capital as the C round of financing financial adviser.

these people did not disclose the specific amount of financing, but said the investment level of at least $10 m.

the baidu to learn education aspects not comment for this deal. But ITlady found that thousands have studied education level 3 of the domain name for baidu, the page in baidu education than learn education teamed up one’s deceased father grind super smart cloud learning courses.

to tell you the truth, all learn education ITlady haven’t heard before. Baidu, the first is a haven for one’s deceased father grind. Have one’s deceased father grind the students have a common memory, experience what one’s deceased father grind closed training, special training camp, XX teacher reading exam outline… Although looks a bit Low, website design, but can still reminiscent of the years ago that like the chicken blood era of one’s deceased father grind.

public information, as the main products of all learning education group, haven one’s deceased father grind is a brand of China’s earliest postgraduate exam training institutions. This based graduate pre-test training program created in 1988, after the enterprise system in December 1993, approved by the education department, was registered formally. By August 2006, the haven of grind President keen phoenix founder won 51 job done ray and huaxing capital chairman bao fan millions of dollars of angel, established science education technology co., LTD.

all learn education in postgraduate entrance examination, enroll examination and career development such as the main body of civil servants training projects. The company’s official website, according to the current in the country 25 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the branch, built and operated to more than 200 large and medium-sized cities, education and training channels for a total of nearly thousand universities covering the whole country. The teaching service network nationwide exclusive high-end education experts, professor, 535, 197, a postdoctoral fellow, Dr 976, 16000 master’s teaching service network.

after it has received two rounds of financing. In February 2008, sequoia capital and lenovo group investment company joint investment than $20 million, to support all learn more effective development and provide a wide range of high-end education services; In February 2011, the United States investment institutions DCM and sequoia capital investment company, lenovo group and Singapore phoenix fund joint capital than $20 million.

if baidu news search again, and will come out a interesting news. In February this year, baidu to learn education had in court. At that time, there are media reports said, because in baidu web search keyword “haven one’s deceased father grind”, open the web site is actually new Oriental online website, “sea one’s deceased father grind” brand of the owner, operator of Beijing haidian district, Beijing education training school education technology co., LTD. The new Oriental and baidu Sue to the court, 500000 claim.

indeed as expected, the market is to “play”. Baidu to learn the delicate relationship between education, illustrates that old adage, no eternal enemies, only permanent interests.

baidu’s investment in science education, ITlady speculation, on the one hand is all learning education orientation in career development are provided for college students groups and high-end training services, degree of ascension in the postgraduate entrance examination, enroll examination and career development such as the main body of civil servants training projects, content and quality assurance; Education investment in the fields of the Internet, on the other hand, is more focused on Online Online, and the strength of science education is rich in offline resources, baidu has the advantage of the Internet thinking and guide the flow to others, the traditional education with the help of the Internet O2O renovation, both are highly complementary to each other.

it is important to note that baidu recently issued a “2013 China education online report”, through the study after think online education teaching form, the traditional education institutions should rely on offline education advantages, through recorded standardized primary course, live online examination policies such as hot mass problem, through online one-on-one personalized solution, offline classes need to solve the relative learning atmosphere and the interaction between the high teaching effect of course. Finally through offline one-on-one complete relatively high-end or more personalized teaching. Selling the number of the course, can become a traditional education institutions as a maker of curriculum development through online education the key factor for a profit.

the future baidu to learn education, may be the similar direction.

but, about how to use the Internet to reform the traditional education, the game is not the same.

YY is similar to taobao in the field of online education, the teacher corresponds to the seller, the user corresponding to the buyer. On 100. com platform, the teacher open live room, directly interact with the user.

and the practice of alibaba is the integration of vertical cut + open platform. It led the B round of online education website TutorGroup cut into the field of English training; Previously, ali, taobao has opened a flagship video broadcast platform for the students “taobao”.

as a focal point in the field of O2O, baidu cut way was more construction platform and more investment.

in October 2012, baidu launched zones, baidu library course for online teacher certification, to provide “video + document” online course resources, a low profile after online education channel, cut in the form of platform for online education.

until early this year, baidu education channel, all based on a new video module of the course “school”, is provided by the education institutions in free video courses.

baidu education takes the form of course show before, mainly through the O2O diversion for offline education consultation institutions, to undertake the marketing effect of similar courses front; The school is given priority to with live, have the function of the electronic classroom, the teaching environment moved to online.

now in degree of Beijing 4, global ielts school of institutions, education and so on more than 30, the crystal of one’s deceased father grind, contains 1522 courses, 1522 video, cover 32 category.

in addition to build platform, baidu also in July last year to millions of dollars in the class web B round of investment. Lesson now the network has become the important degree of school of course providers, enjoy the baidu brings huge traffic.

and online education has been promoting, it may also have li story about personal growth, also related to the Internet.

in this year, the CPPCC national committee, baidu, robin li, chairman of the CPPCC in the proposal, about a space, another about education. He suggested in the proposal, municipality directly under the central government, provincial capital city elementary and middle schools education resources such as lesson plans, free Internet access, and promote the equal education.

li told the media on the two sessions, their high school in shanxi yangquan one, was the province one of the five reform pilot schools, in Shanxi Province is a good school, but many years later, he return to his hometown after coming back from America, but I felt the strength of the Alma mater is weaker than before.

“I asked why the local relatives and friends, said it’s a little way will send their child to taiyuan, yangquan read, and taiyuan good school can we dig yangquan good teacher in the past, such a good school is more and more large and medium-sized cities to the central, the strength of the relatively remote schools is on the decline.” Li said, “good family condition, people can take the right connections, but for the rural children, they can get the education condition is worse than before, this is very unfair thing.”

but robin li, not to mention is that education training class advertising once become the second largest advertisers after medicine. Baidu mobile end of its revenue from search, especially in the field of medical treatment, education search advertising. .

however, online education market is still a relatively “slow” field. It on the one hand, the quality of teaching content and product requires a high degree of interaction, high initial investment costs on the other hand, tended to burn.

and have a lot of capital and the Internet giant poured into the online education market, from the external environment, fragmentation has become a white-collar workers and students learning demand just need to be active or passive, and based on IMediaResearch data analysis, the next few years China’s online education market will remain more than 30% of the growth in a year, in 2015 China’s online education market will be more than $160 billion.

while guotai junan securities estimates, by 2017 the size of the market is expected to reach the current three times. On the one hand, China’s education industry spending relative to GDP ratio is less than half that of the United States, only about three-quarters of India, the future still has great room to improve education spending; , on the other hand, China’s Internet penetration rate by 23% in 2008 to 45% in 2013, with the rapid rise of the Internet, education gradually shift from offline to online is inevitable trend of development.