Eight digital read new hot mobile social distance

near real-time voice unfamiliar social application launched in May 2013, the novel stimulus interact constantly attract users into and attract attention from both the investment community. Today we use eight Numbers to describe distance:

$15 million

on June 5, next CEO Liu Jinlong announced next has won A $15 million round of financing, the investor is the enlightenment and morningside, clear division of capital is the financing of the sole financial advisor.

qiming and morningside A round what ever joint investment company? Millet technology.

20 million

nearby May 13 years since the number of users growth accelerated. In march this year the number of registered users hit 10 million, now already broke through 20 million, and is still growing at a rate of 300000/day.


near the current 20 million registered users, 35% for female users.


near the current 20 million registered users, the proportion is as high as 75% after 90.

11037600 minutes

the Internet all kinds of products at the core of the competition, is the competition for user Attention (Attention). More than 10 million minutes of total duration is the foundation of next day calls.


near the founder Liu Jinlong, according to near 40% of users spread by word of mouth. Proximity to the promotion of heavily depends on creative film, is a typical “what is love”. Occur by using micro film to show next story and the growth of users, products that meet the next key.

Liu Jinlong said, neighbor never burn money to buy the pre-installed, cloud ba channel installation. Get $15 million in financing, but also take on team building and server deployment. Will not burn.


near the founder of Liu Jinlong was born in 1984. Is that Orwell predicted a pessimistic, also is apple with newborn calves the years of the potential challenges of IBM.

Liu Jinlong, 30, is a serial entrepreneur. Start a business after graduated from xiamen university two years. With eight brothers gate-crashers celebrated Beijing in 2012, targeting mobile social field, based on real-time voice cut. It would not have been so near.


the new near soon. This version 3.0 in UI design more concise and beautiful. After the revision of information framework, to chat, find important function to integrate, friends, let the user’s operation more simple.

Liu Jinlong said by version 3.0, distance from the “telephone” future dream one step closer, who is a don’t know when connected to each other, do not know each other personality, do not know each other face full of exciting phone, completely strange two people may be because of a small hobby, through close together, become a bosom friend.