Eight male foster, the first domestic pet service platform

the distance between life and death, for a dog, it cannot fathom, it believes that only his master will be back. Its life is like an injection water, bit by bit bluestone in the station last year after year went by. As a dog, it has its principles,, regardless of physical. It will lie there, ten years, penetrating into a kind of scenery. Born death deed wide, and son said. Saw the loyal dog eight male might understand the text above.

love dandle, on a business trip or travel, the most afraid of their own pet damage in other places. Usually they will choose foster care for friends, or entrust a specialized paid to look after the pet shop. Say that the Internet to transform offline industries, has become more and more fire, it’s not, eight male foster, he also to integrate information in the field of pet, do foster service platform. (team revealed: eight male foster name from love of film)

eight male foster is a pet application platform based on the geographical position, the user through the phone APP, WEB page, you can find yourself around the pet store (after eight male official certification), support online booking, online payment, and then sent to the store in foster care. (the next version will join payments)

user can through the phone APP, website, micro letter, such as 400 platform due to foster care. Role: both convenience of users, and help brand merchants to realize online marketing. Team, said the eight male foster not only can help the pet store brand image and improve store visibility, increase the store performance, also have to foster care needs of the user to save money and effort, all compression between users and merchants trading costs.

“eight male foster is our starting point, social will do, but the ultimate goal is by a standard service gradually of pet, the eight male pet brand.”

founder Kang Jin told me that the current eight male foster only single point of penetration of a product. Self-mockery team said he is prick silk, Kang Jin calm, he is do stationmaster, pet this is love, to see the future of the pet products market, no one choose to do a pet as the breakthrough point, accumulation of users, word of mouth. Careful people can notice, eight male pet website, eight male foster is just a piece of, including the pieces, eight male adoption, help me, pet show.

among them, eight male is adopted and the pet charity cooperation, put the need to be adopted pets website, let pet lovers to select, they as a platform for information display. Help me plate is if the user lost pets can post your looking for, and eight male pets will be fully committed to helping spread, including twitter, WeChat channels, etc. The two is more of a social responsibility, and commercial touching, but the web site have the pet will be more human, users will feel warm. And the pet show more is a guide, guide users send pet photos here, and other user interaction, do a guide for the future form the social attribute. But for now, the team’s product focus or tilt in the pet foster care on this.

when it comes to the final, Kang Jin revealed a secret, he told me that they want to do in the future, pet foster care between people, how to speak, is the future when you want to foster your pet, don’t have to go to the pet foster care, can be found in the platform directly personal willing to foster your pet, or to help you take care of your pet, (they will carefully review, the applicant will be in the form of deposits such as governing) although it is very far away, but think carefully, still worth the effort. There is no market does not mean that it does not exist.

if from the point of pet social market, eight male pets in the face of competitors have dog network, smell, take it, and so on, but with a pet field view, the current domestic have not rivals, but there is no denying the fact that the old pet social networking site can be reproduced in this field, in the future, is to see who runs fast, not to see who started early. The Internet, subversion is no longer, but it’s not that easy. Or do you see, the disruptors have several successful?

Based information

company: Beijing eight gen era technology co., LTD.

website: http://www.chongwujiyang.comEight male foster

time: January 2014

location: Beijing, haidian district

stages: initial

area: O2O, LBS, pet social

abstract: eight male foster is a pet service platform based on the geographical position, the user through the phone APP, website, around to find the pet store, support online booking, online payment, and then sent to the store in foster care.

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