Eight years later, under the SONY finally kicked the nintendo “shrines”

according to, SONY has been successful beyond nintendo, become the most popular game console manufacturers.

as of March 31, SONY in the first quarter of this year, sales of game consoles for 18.7 million units, the nintendo 16.3 million. This is since the nintendo 2006 series game console sales peaked after SONY beyond nintendo for the first time. Analysts pointed out that it is no accident, but to sign a “game time”.

more specific number reveals the nintendo’s downswing. In this quarter of the nintendo ds sales, 3 ds accounted for 76%, to 12.4 million units. And SONY playstation 2, PS3, PS 4 accounted for 78% of the total sales of SONY game console, a total of 14.6 million. Nintendo’s new console Wii U sales continued to decline.

as a game console, one of the big three, Microsoft has not reported first-quarter console sales figures. Previous reports, however, indicates that the Xbox One sales have gradually behind the 4 PS.

exclusive focus on nintendo game, it has its adhere to reason. But we hope that the old console manufacturers, we can identify your situation as soon as possible, not confused to die in silence.