Elasticsearch: big data “closed” and not “dig” is equal to the walking dead

real-time search analysis platform Elasticsearch recently completed C round of financing, the financing 70 million, raised by the New Enterprise Associates (NEA) led, other and cast parties including Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures, etc.

Elastic description

Elasticsearch, founded in 2012, started with the search business, now the main information search and data analysis, especially for large data mining provides a complete solution.

Elasticsearch based on Foursquare, Soundcloud, making share thumb up information platform, to build open source search engine for analysis. At present there are mainly ELK combination: Elasticsearch (search), Logstash (data collection), Kibana (real-time data flow analysis) three core products, has reached 8 million downloads. Kibana service of which can be based on the time period to compare, to a large amount of data to achieve better result dialysis.

in short, Elasticsearch provides easy-to-use way to help enterprises to quickly extract effective information from a large database were analyzed, and the real-time search and analysis services will provide timely and effective information for the enterprise.

many mainstream social media and retail applications have adopted Elasticsearch real-time search capabilities. Not only that, but Elasticsearch service also includes background data analysis service provided by the enterprise. Recent partners including broadband operator Comcast, eBay, Facebook, Mayo medical center’s a-clinic and app Tinder. According to the market data, because the re-description Elasticsearch, make its users now have expanded 7 times.

NEA partner Harry Weller, joined the board after the financing management, he said the NEA focus on Elasticsearch has been around for a while.” Can rarely see startups can such let developers and business users can be satisfied at the same time, in our opinion the Elasticsearch prospect right first. We want to be able to provide resources and guidance, let Elasticsearch has the opportunity to continue to be a really big data company.”

financing description

at this point, the Elasticsearch totaling $104 million. Founder and CEO Steven Shuurman can in such a short period to with company to raise so much investment is amazing. He said, “this demonstrates why we are doing how important it is – in the information age, business data related to the more also, based on the results of the analysis of the existing data are very valuable, for strategy formulation, a new data related project also has a great help.”

the funding will provide great power of Elasticsearch technology research and development. Elasticsearch is expected to make full use of the financing, optimizing the marketing plan, improve the product development, and expand the sales team. Elasticsearch technical strength in the expansion, also recently also got a lot out of the Box, Citrix, Splunk, VMware job-hopping and technical personnel.

Via: Data Center Knowledge