Electronic retailing Zappos: no vacancy list, social activities to see talent

made in Las Vegas, Zappos has always been a idea’s company.

to some extent, Zappos is far more than a normal retail shoe salesman, but also a pioneer were willing to try all kinds of company operation mode. Director Tony Hsieh, in an interview had confessed to sell shoes lack of interest, is interested in interesting innovation model. Zappos is also pioneered in Holacracy management mode of one of the large commercial companies. Holocracy self-organization/zero administration management mode for Zappos employees always is in the dynamic changes of the power and responsibility, from the traditional static management model, actively take diverse roles, keep vigor and company culture.

Zappos now after taking Holacracy management mode reform in the way of hiring a new try again.

the new model: social interaction, understanding 】

Zappos is expected to recruit 450 employees this year, but hiring plans as other companies associated with LinkedIn, Monster, such as website, also not in the company’s website to hang out. Candidates need to join the Zappos built social platform Zappos Insiders. On the platform, the candidate will interact with Zappos existing staff fully, to show their enthusiasm for Zappos, and so on – pay attention to the candidate privacy Zappos, candidates with a formal public interaction between employees, also can communicate in private.

for Zappos, open corporate culture is with the Tutu Tuesdays, Kilt Fridays fairly traditional electricity, such as the differences. Michael, who is in charge of hiring Bailen, said the industry standard recruitment process too stereotyped – usually, company recruitment will be posted on the first specific position of the corresponding requirements, applicants submit cover letter and resume to apply for a position, then the recruiter is a brief browse resumes after the quick fix to pick, and reply.

in Bailen view, the job is around the sea have a resume, employers, especially at blanket refusal letter – last year, Zappos received 31000 copies of application form, final acceptance by 1.5%. A large number of screening job makes Zappos hectic seven people recruiting team, not as usual to in-depth analysis.

the Zappos Insider mode, Zappos recruitment team will use called Ascendify recruitment related software to help filter, considering the ability of the candidate, personal interest to classify. At the same time, the recruitment team will focus on the interaction of Insider project, by way of question and answer, test, activities to learn more about candidates.

Zappos’s recruiting director, said this method can make candidates ready to, and maintain a sufficient motivation, so as to make the recruitment process more streamlined and efficient.

now in Washington, An online retail company responsible for digital marketing 28 lad Paul An last week joined the Zappos Insider, with Zappos employees focus on each other. Zappos nice this way, he said, still can understand the working of the future partner in advance what kind of person.

the industry: widely accumulate talent pool, recruiting is important for people 】

with the new model for Zappos is the common pool of talent management.

the industry the company is largely based on the previous recruitment accumulated their talent pool, and actively interact with the previous candidates keep – or via mail documents to update position needs, or through LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking platform to promote corporate culture. Under the right circumstances will be back to the once “and” recruitment of candidates.

on the other hand, nature is for man to help the company to further development, the influence of recruiting the wrong people but also not small. According to the related website survey conducted last year, the 6000 employers said recruit the wrong person have a bad effect on the company’s development, in the U.S. market, there are 27 participants recruiter said recruit the wrong person to harm the company lost more than $50000.

agree with each other very important 】 【

CareerXroads recruitment consultancy founder Gerry Crispin, said Zappos initiative recruiting model for the industry pointed out that a good direction, but if the candidates are not whether jobs will actively for a long time in Zappos Insider social plan of active is hard to say.

Bailen admitted that the new model of Zappos could not let everyone so palatable, but he believes that people will agree with the company culture and values. He also expressed the hope that more companies to participate in a try.