Employees said they “Google” is the most intelligent madman!

Google has long been regarded as holy engineers all over the world yearn for work. So, the real Google employees really also agree with this outside will give honour?

a few days ago, Google optical engineer Avery Pennarun in his blog on Google and its staff praise: “for a long time, I was intellectual people jing to in the company. A wise man in the world a lot, but in a large enterprise, the Google almost everyone I was impressed by their smart.”

however, there is a problem with Google intelligent – rationalization to a little paranoid! In their mind, everything in life can be found on the basis of rational logic. “Because of the wise, especially in computer engineer, tend to logic, they can always find a reason to support any conclusions. They consciously or unconsciously avoided was messy, random in the real world all is not logical, but it is in the presence of things.” Pennarun said.

this problem led to the “Google smart” obsessed with rational error occurred.

Pennarun next describes the Google company internal unique cultural characteristics of a some gruesome:

in Google, any project can easily be rationalization: in a large company work will make you isolated success. If can choose, Google a wise man can ignore all the hassle. They can also according to your own choice to decide. Design products listed after the success or failure is not important, important is whether it has been cancelled. “The boss’s boss’s boss’s boss” on a whim, determines all whimsical project stage directions. Maybe the boss’s view is that Google smart people with “unpleasant” the only connection of the outside world.

Google all sorts of great and mysterious project, basically from the beginning is not set up for the sake of money. But when users spend more time on the Internet, Google will be able to let it be to profit from it. Similarly, a project does not need to set strict profit goal, as long as it can get more user data, through it is a successful project. Maybe users don’t satisfied, but Google think that just because they hate change and so on.

as a result, Google employees to outsiders is a degree of confidence, and even some defiant. Because they are so successful, so they believe they have done is successful and is worth having a good result.

in fact, he said: “now about work on one of the biggest social problem is a lack of confidence, which is what we call the

cheats “syndrome. The symptoms tend to appear in those who don’t believe that everything in the world is a logical, even if the man was very successful, but they also did not think his success comes from his former efforts, and this thanks to the god of destiny.

even if a little inconceivable, but Pennurun think Google the wise of the rationalism supreme, sometimes, it is very valuable. “Liar syndrome is a kind of voice, a always remind in your heart you are not everything just seems that voice. Have these symptoms naturally cannot understand Google smart.”