Endorsement of a giant to invite goddess martina “fairy world”

on June 17, around the “fairy world” products have the new progress of the hero’s likely known by Chinese netizens as the “goddess” in Denmark, the Danish ballet dancer martina.

today, according to reliable sources, giant subsidiary “fairy world” has several rounds of contacting with the Danish embassy, invite martina as interactive entertainment culture ambassador to visit China again. Denmark fairy martina, is expected to endorse this new page “fairy world”.

martina is a Danish royal ballet college students, she rose to fame in China for a photo of “beauty to jing”. It is understood that after she was invited to China, Denmark, cultural exchange, and participate in hunan satellite TV variety show “day day up” recording, shot to fame by that piece of photos are from the recording of “day day up”. Her outstanding appearance led many netizens exclaimed “goddess”.

it is understood that after the martina popular, the team will focus on the “fairy world”, she thought she was amazing “goddess” temperament “goddess” with the game very well, hope to invite her to visit China again, and as the image spokeswoman for the “fairy world”. “Fairy world” team then contact the relevant person in charge of the Danish embassy in China, and has invited martina again to matters of the communication approach and discuss many times.

have close cooperation in the near future sources said that the recent coincides with the Danish cultural exchange activities in China, the possibility of martina invited to China is very big. Love Chinese culture, she is likely to be in a netizen completely unexpected way to finish the second show. Officially, wheat embassy has also intends to take this opportunity to strengthen cultural exchanges with the Chinese Internet innovation companies, promote the Danish culture and cultural points successively in Denmark.

“fairy world” will be released in late June, is a Chinese ink painting XianXia wind ARPG web games, fun music game by the giant’s page swim center official operation. The game interface Denmark goddess news has already spread at home playing, whether can be in contact with the Danish goddess to a cool and refreshing in the summer, will be the most otaku this summer games players are looking forward to one of the things.