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hunting cloud network May 8,Say go go, unless you are a student. Is not a derogatory term, there is no attack, just feeling free line of this concept. For office workers, choice a free line, say come away is not so easy.

youth is still there, don’t waste. Light Zhong Mingyu guest’s founder, graduated from standard on business. A man went to a lot of countries, and sources of funds is very wonderful work, save unnecessary expenses, to find a part-time job, the bulk is playing online games, as a professional player. Through the official game currency conversion.

we always unusual, a restless heart with the love of travel. Enjoy a bunch of students, set up the light. Now enjoy light passenger positioning is: the exit free line for deep port area of sale. A common explanation is that the tourism cooperation suppliers tail single product packaging sold on the light at the guest. They provide a more comprehensive tourism product information is introduced, and the travel guides. Help end single tourism product to introduce more rich content, to ensure that the whole process of reservation, purchase process through and smooth implementation.

and Zhong Mingyu chat, remember the words, we don’t want to just do a business travel websites, more hope to do a atmosphere, human freedom travel website. I want people to remember us, not just the price. More in the future, gladly pay for our service.

although they said they just a small team, very ordinary entrepreneurs. But on the light at the guest tourism products they all experienced. Very distinctive light guide are based on practical experience, worth said well. Which strategy is different, and other such as ctrip, go light on the guest’s strategy is more like a plump tour guide. In the book is completed, you will receive their custom travel light guide, step by step, to complicated in detail. Including travel routes, by bus or on foot, how to stop, how the outbound, local conditions and customs, matters needing attention, the most practical information accurately to the full.

why want to do this light guide, Zhong Mingyu told me that they are in do “strategy database” to prepare for the future. Strategy is just part of a bigger in the back. Accumulated to a certain degree of strategy, they’ll system combination, and will make its tourism services tailored to the user in the future. At that time, the rigorous light guide and big data. Match the route no matter in practical or comfort, there will be very competitive. This will be their barriers to cope with the giant in the future. Just now, but also is very small.

tail single outbound sales promotion, cost performance is high, but thing has two sides, in relative terms, not free, can’t refund is their weaknesses. Light at guest products on the order after payment, now can’t be refund. So they have a 400 call. Customer has a question, can call. Order carefully, to avoid any mistakes. But relatively, Zhong Mingyu also said that as long as it is called, the final % 70 will be converted to the customer. They will do to customer problems in detail and the suggestion. Finally, carried out a cost-effective solution for outbound travel.

tail single sale outbound tourism market, at present also belongs to the market cultivation stage, but there is no giant, a giant doing doing this direction there is love to travel, come on, will go on a trip tomorrow, god may sell road net, etc. Line distance takes time, free sale startup the swimmer is different, but can not change the only one, is service. May go slowly, to do word of mouth. Can yet be regarded as a wise choice.

Based information

company: shenzhen enjoy light technology co., LTD.
Website: http://www.hingker.com/
Light at the guest
Time: January 2014
Location: guangdong, shenzhen
Stages: initial
Outdoor areas: tourism
Introduction: light on passenger line is an exit free sale, tail single discount deals site, will see travel discounts, sale of hits daily, the main line from shenzhen, Hong Kong travel.

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