Entrepreneurs to life to play four roles: poets, scientists, journalists, boxer

one of the biggest challenges facing a startup is to want to know where to start. Entrepreneurs believe that unless they innovate now, their ideas will be eliminated by age or copied by competitors. However, this thought process is similar to spend a month of time for a marathon training. Yes, it can be done, but it will make you into a quick bankruptcy and the risk of failure. What we need is a can help new entrepreneurs to develop new focus of contemporary guide.

great mentors knew all about the struggle, the best tutor know calm after the student, tell them in the start-up stage should focus on where, for example, the core values of iteration, to create a simple business model, or guidance to construct the minimum viable product (MVP).

we based, and mentor, and started the chaotic experience, we have developed a linear remedies, all entrepreneurs can use it to improve the chance of success. Our theory named “poets, scientists, journalists, boxer’s entrepreneurial spirit.”


“a poet is often positive enthusiasm, his mind filled with countless ideas, if can’t give vent to his feelings, he was tossing and turning difficult to sleep.”

the poet, the first step in the four stage process. In the famous onto your head at the moment of “apple”, is this time of the first phase, then your mind suddenly sprung up a great idea. This experience with a sign of insomnia, and you may also have wanted to tell people what you think, but worried that others will sneak attack paranoid mixed with delusional disorder.

once you realize that you have already entered the stage of the poet’s then it is time to guide your inner Walt Whitman, and put your ideas down on paper. Record your ideas with ink on paper, this is to create a truly understand your own idea is an important part of.

now, if you’re going to start a revolution, don’t worry about your tone or sound, only need to devote his time to write. Write down your value, your vision, your goal, and emphatically explains your thoughts will change reason and the way of people’s life.

if you can’t get other things from your brain, then it is time to enrich himself.


“the core values of the scientist’s goal is to find customers, remove redundant features, and start to try to test it.”

the second step is to become a scientist, including the development and release his MVP. Scientists have to use critical eye, to review the poet’s works, conclude the core theory, and decided to test this idea needs precondition.

in this case, the feasibility is the key factor, which means that scientists can only extract some factors necessary to test the theory of the poet. Then scientists with the help of the engineer, to establish a test experiment. This test should include the core concept, and guide the development and delivery of the MVP.

once the MVP is up and running, you should be held a press conference and telling the story at the scene.


“unlike poets and scientists, journalists are fair, neutral, and focus on the voice of the customer (VOC). Reporter in an interview is not personal, but in order to learn more and try to capture the ideas of others.”

the third step, as a journalist. Now is the time to listen to the first user (also known as the early adopters) voice and learn from them. You don’t stand in your forum about the effectiveness of your product, on the contrary, whether you need to ask and listen to users like you realized the effect of the product.

in the interview with users, ask the user for some open questions to get inspired is very important. Reporters use then all collected from the user’s knowledge, to formulate the company larger story — about a marketable products, and how will it adapt to and change what you are into the market.

now that you have the original idea is verified by science and news, then you need to be ready, put your ideas into the market.


“boxer know in a battle of another, he must be a quick, focused, strong. He always got up after failure, his head engaged, hand held high.”

become a boxer is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurs. When you get to the point, with your arms, you will face a lot of heavyweight rivals.

like any a great fighter, your argument. Boxer will be handle events, customers, investors, incubator and public relations experts. As you are going to fight reminders, you can take the future possible opponents in the pictures hanging on the wall – boxer couldn’t wait to use the first blow.

boxer to the field of that a moment, there is no turning back. 12 rounds into in order to make your products into the market. Each round, you can win also can lose. But every time you return, you need to with your mentor, adapt your product to the form of the next combat.

in view of the nature of the battle, you will have been plagued by the elimination of risk in any round (for example, you may find that you have entered the market is saturated, or you will not be able to survive), or on the contrary, you can severely damage your opponent (for example, you could get the offer from big companies).

as a seasoned expert, do you know these are entrepreneurial risk and return in battle, battle might end in advance, but you have to sufficient preparation for all 12 round, thrash it out.

regardless of the outcome, boxer do always get up; Whether victory or defeat, boxer has to fight for the future.

spoke afterwards

the battle is a long journey. It takes time and patience to make sure you are ready to face your opponent. Before the end of the day, you will always have the risk of failure. .

many entrepreneurs expectations of inherent risk is the potential (or less). Now is the time to prepare for business street, and experience success.

express your inner thoughts, constructing experiment, stories, and make sure that your combat training.