Entrepreneurship courses: look from the pull hook niche how fast growth

(word/qing nan)

in the domestic Internet industry is BAT several big giants monopoly, many platform type products plays operas, vertical niche market also began to blossom everywhere, doing sale Vipshop share price is high, the successive innovation catering takeout hungry easily won $80 million in financing, focused on women’s health a great financing of $30 million.

these vertical market players believe that massive Internet market is not a winner-take-all giant monopoly, on the contrary, the diversity of the population is more and more personalized requirements, market segment, through the unique operating strategy, focus on the user’s core service concept, and can also play out of the blue sky.

pull hook network is a new entrant, cut into the Internet industry vertical recruitment market. With other after into a mature market, both the industry and market characteristics was forced to pull hook net to use subversive play, spirit of service users and will be implemented to the feet, it also contributed to pull hook network initial success, and online recruitment market in China.

before the birth of the company and the vertical hiring decisions and how to make the market? Pull hook is how to dig in the actual operation of vertical potential opportunities? On Saturday, CEO madelung into the hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses, detailed tells the story of his view of the vertical niche play and the experience of dry goods.

vertical found new opportunities

choose market segment, the most core is to directly address user demand is urgent, and the size of the market, rapid growth.

madelung another identity, is 3 w, co-founder of coffee. The emphasises the Internet cafe chain store business circle, brought together a large number of professionals gathered investment exchange. In the process of operation, the founder of the madelung and other feel a lot of people move on to the accuracy of the information urgently demand, and this is zhaopin, and 51 job website of China person of outstanding ability can’t provide it.

another opportunity is at that time, the above several traditional recruitment website market share is not fully open, and serious product homogeneity, are “bad”, web site for more than a decade still remain the same, basic information, job seekers after the CV is often sink, lack of effective feedback, poor experience.

it is said that the original recruitment market completely may be reversed. Add 3 w coffee also have intention to expand their business outside, the idea of doing vertical recruitment website was born.

pull hook to do?

for start-up companies in the field of the vertical ship small well run, will know how to adjust the direction when found significant problems.

in the website first launched, pull hook network strategy is social recruitment, like LinkedIn, operation after a period of time to discover the social way to go in the country. Pull hook network quickly, therefore, adjust the direction of products, give up the business social path, turn into a vertical recruitment website for Internet industry.

from then, pull hook net madelung was designed for the two policy: one is from breadth, depth, two-way development; 2 it is to rely on technology to locate precisely, help users to find a satisfactory job. To make such a decision, is the background of the Internet industry dramatically change frequent job-hopping, new position, reflect traditional site slow; On the other hand, the recruitment of supply and demand both sides higher demands on information accuracy.

here’s pull hook network specific differences, this also for vertical niche sites in other fields to provide reference for reference.

1, subversive innovation logic

360 zhou often preach with “innovation” for the entrepreneurs, it is important, but for an entirely new entrants, to break the existing pattern still need to play fast disruptive innovation, and to use.

light with traditional recruitment web site the user enterprise is different (such as zhaopin website mainly to the businessman for members and advertising), pull hook put service core completely in the net users, chose not to go, don’t pack sell resume the path of the traffic dealers. According to the madelung is, in order to do customer service regardless the feeling of the enterprise.

of course, this does not mean to pull hook completely dissever the relationship with owners. The logic of “subversion” play is, through the site specific user service system to build a reputation, to attract users; User after the transfer, the enterprise nature for following users to move, to form a positive cycle.

2, grabbed a point, to the dead do

subversive ideas accessible, effectively solve the user’s needs for a long time the difficulty will be operating point, to pull hook, is how to strengthen the user in the process of operation in field and between the strong demand of the enterprise, the core to solve customer service at the same time, and make enterprise is blended in among them. It was emphasized on the pull hook the single point of breakthrough.

pull hook net can get the Internet industry recognition, thanks to the precise matching principle and instant feedback mechanism.


pull hook on the platform of enterprise, is based on the Internet more people thinking of design, full multi-angle to render the company features, the boss style, capital and other important information, to help users to make decisions. In addition, pull hook to the enterprise HR recruitment information released to carry on the strict censorship, existing in salary, job descriptions, vague will resolutely do drop processing. In pull hook CV to the user, regardless of whether or not to get an interview, will receive from HR “, invited to the interview, I’m sorry you have to check the resume was rejected “several WeChat feedbacks.

in order to motivate employers to HR to quickly handle apply for information, pull hook network has also encourage job seekers in weibo of the processing enterprises, not in time by means of pressure to provide platform for both sides of the fast horse. According to madelung, many applicants within one minute after complaints resume gets enterprise interview reply. To some extent, pull hook completely reshape the user experience.

3, to find a fulcrum

the Internet industry has an effective operation strategy is to rely on human resources. As is known to all, 3 w coffee with a large number of domestic Internet and capital circle celebrities as shareholders, such as xiao-ping xu, shen, where CEO ZhuangChen super, Carla director sun hundreds of tao ran, etc. Many of these companies take the lead in pull hook, and publish and deal with the latest recruitment information.

give me a fulcrum, can move the world. This for start-up pull hook, 3 w behind investors became the first to stand, and quickly move the user lever, cause for concern.

4, pay attention to the first wave of users, let them become fans

the value of the first wave of users is particularly important, is that any website focus on maintenance is essential in the initial operation of the object. In the early pull hook network companies frequently held online interactive activities, solution to cover both sides of the actual demand, and to ask questions and Suggestions, to verify the problems appeared in the process of operation.

the important thing is to let the key opinion leaders. In the midst of this, pull hook of word of mouth, like a snowball rolling, the greater the form users to accumulate. From last year on July 20, to January 2014 in less than six months, more than 3000 enterprises, including baidu, tencent, ali, sina, millet and other famous enterprises. Less than a year now, the website has attracted 16000 enterprises, there is a lot of successful job every day.