Entrepreneurship dry: butyl clothes in the eyes of a routing way to win

(wen xuan/day)

a routing, the company founded in March last year to now has less than a year and a half time, has created a new era of domestic intelligent router. Introduced intelligent router products completely no reference object in the us market, has attracted the giants such as millet, 360, baidu compete to dabble in.

from one to the satellite, from two to HiwiFi OS, the company is experiencing from the emergence of intelligent hardware to software open platform, business began to build step by step with WiFi router ecological system and smart home layout. Based on the good prospect, innovation works, kleiner perkins caufield & byers, mediatek company investment, total amount is more than $2000.

start-up companies, compared with the same type, same age routing is clearly a very successful model. Move the industry change not only, still hatched more novel style and business philosophy. The company is how to do it? In this cloud network entrepreneurial public class, hunting polar routing co-founder, vice President of butyl clothes made wonderful sharing, the following is a briefer:

business direction: using the logical deduction

butyl clothes and Wang Chuyun intelligent router mainly comes from your team to do the pain points: slow and complex operation. Not only that, but it is also the public distress. Traditional router industry haven’t changed much in more than 10 years, and have the opportunity to change. From this logic, do a simple, rapid and intelligent router idea was born, has the super node properties intelligent router but also has the numerous derivative development space. On the other hand, the country is advancing the “broadband China” policy, can be said to be in good time.

entrepreneurial teams: must be like-minded

“both together tai shan shift”, choose a common ideal of entrepreneurship, and have different specialty of partners is crucial. In a routing in team building, first from people familiar with the friend, the clothes with the company’s CEO Wang Chuyun both from street network partners, and through the introduction to the TP li-peng zhang – Link research and development team, including earlier this year to join the technical genius “god”.


team must pay not pure rely on investment

d garment revealed, in a routing founder team, everyone according to certain proportion to take out “money” to participation, not only is the company’s initial capital requirements, more important is to keep the team entrepreneurship and direction, with to win confidence. In his view, the founder to long-term development of entrepreneurial teams must have money, those who rely on investors’ money to blood transfusion company won’t have any future.

the first step is the most important: to make different

from the general direction, products and business models as far as possible to innovate, to form the market. When new product launch, in addition to highlight the core of innovation, to seize the other cause consumer point of excitement. Due to the intelligent router nor refer cases abroad, therefore routing can oneself fumble. In early in the products, for example, in addition to the outstanding intelligence, simple operation, also featured a AppStore acceleration of third-party plug-ins, and in the geek groups formed in the widespread, drive the brand rapidly ascend.

financing techniques: make some action to find

basic creation team will seek outside investment, but this action don’t do too early. In the project is not very mature or not seen before actual product, nor is it easy to obtain high valuations. Therefore, it is best to make some action then to talk about. Butyl clothes, in routing the early stage of the development, basic is to rely on team has to raise the money, when a project has a certain achievement after began to look for outside investors, soon be taken a fancy to by a creative work place.

: investors must be the same

this is easy to understand, do not need to explain more.

marketing core: people-oriented

due to the butyl clothes more is director of marketing and marketing in the company, so in this experience is more valuable.

since the year before last, represented by weibo, micro letter wave of social marketing, extremely routing happens to be made full use of this node, combined the technology of its own products channels and the characteristics of multiple product lines, formulated the create contact user experience, people-oriented as the core of social marketing concept, eventually reap unexpected effect in the form of low cost.

in practice, a routing emphasis on science and technology enthusiasts, opinion leaders and grassroots sensation, and make full use of the spread of new media medium, before you buy, buy, buy, nurturance, and repeat purchase link after doing homework, launch creative marketing, festival marketing, etc.