Entrepreneurship monitor tiexue 】 : vertical community how to transform the electricity

cloud network hunting note: tiexue in military fan group enjoys a high influence, from the initial of a typical representative of military community site to vertical e-commerce sites, tiexue through what way? Tiexue why transformation, especially the internal logic in the process of transformation, worthy of entrepreneurs.

the author: Sun Hongchao

unlike Internet company boss who like to talk, just tiexue CEO Jiang Lei, 30, has this year and age discrepancy of sedate and admit, so tiexue temperament of enterprise, with its own character with approximation. Although tiexue electrical business has become the model of vertical community transformation, but it seems to Jiang Lei iron is still a slow company, need to build a sustainable business model.

Forge the commercialization of

tiexue entrepreneurial story with those personal adsense business almost no different, perhaps the only difference is the founder of a legendary growth trajectory. Born in 1984 Jiang Lei when founded tiexue only 16 years old, a few months ago the sichuan walked with the first prize in the national physics olympiad at tsinghua university in Beijing. After the commercial operation iron, already Thurber even read Jiang Lei chose to drop out of school.

from 2000 to 2007, is the rise of the Internet community a second height, number of vertical community is the best that a wave of rise, in a short period of time to win a large number of users. Have many users, tiexue began to seek commercial, in the iron technology company was established in 2004.

in the beginning, Jiang Lei doesn’t know how to convert interest to interest, tiexue more did not think of the future will begin to do electrical contractor. At that time he was just a pure military fans, so set up a military BBS, at that time he was on their own interests to maintain the web site: “at the beginning of the company business focus on community, external business models are not too concerned about. To the community is more and more big, the funds are not sufficient to maintain the website development, iron to consider commercial.”

when iron has begun to pay a fee for their authors, and the cost of bandwidth and server is rising, compared the profit model of blood is more onefold, it almost the same as with other vertical community web site.

local websites at home at that time the main profit way such as advertising, membership fees, virtual product, tiexue (the beginning is not out of the range: “but advertising business is not special stability, every day to worry about advertising can sell off next month.” Jiang Lei in 2007, hoping to find another way of profit, and advertising and become income: two legs “other website will become the carrier of advertising operations and cash, but they are all ‘help’ website, its industry is ready-made, so long as well the information service. But the site is’ the help ‘in the field of military, are rich people’s spiritual needs, and there is no direct relationship between eating daily dress, no support this industry to give us a line, so there is no way to like other portal advertising carrier.”

M65 business opportunities brought by

the last Jiang Lei chose electricity, will the eye on the military industry. But different and other electricity industry, the military cannot get offline resources support. Almost every city in that time have military stores, but some of the main content is about the people’s liberation army labor insurance products or some players to open shop. Jiang Lei smile, according to the niche of these collectors are small, they are even willing to pay for a full hole old uniforms.

offline resources let Jiang Lei can start looking through the agent of foreign military make some money. He spent a day to more than 20 foreign military brand manufacturers to write E-mail: hello, we are China’s largest military site tiexue, there are a lot of users, and hope to represent your products in mainland China sales… Letters are mostly nowhere. Occasionally someone reply that already have agent in China, you can contact with somebody, or refused to directly: they only sell the goods to the United States.

a few days later, when I received the alpha military brand replied that willing to cooperate, Jiang Lei by surprise. He brushes the card, to pay more than ten thousand dollars to buy the 17 M65 field dust coat. M65 is the standard equipment across the United States troops, for a crush of military people, M65 is a kind of identification. M65 got surprised applause, this let Jiang Lei feel electricity may be tiexue stage goals.

at the end of 2007, iron your conduct was formally established. According to the third party, according to data from the authority statistics institutions tiexue (average, each user is given priority to with age 18 to 34 years old male, mainly for the professional technology, enterprise management, civil servants, military, etc. The audience like through professional technical BBS to buy the product, the purchase of military products is given priority to with foreign brands, domestic market is very difficult to have sales channels. This just for tiexue (an opportunity, foreign brands through agent, iron through the users to share and purchase channels. You conduct most of the brands are the sole agent, iron put military enthusiasts know these people but it is not convenient to buy brand into China.

rely on the precision of the user group of the most primitive accumulation, tiexue had electricity to nourish a lot than others.

from the community to create

but Jiang Lei are not satisfied with the status quo, because of the response speed of foreign brands and understanding of user demand in China is not very good and fast, only rely on foreign brands can’t fully meet the needs of Chinese consumers. 2011 Jiang Lei decided to start to do the Chinese own brand tactical equipment, introduced the dragon teeth tactical gear: “at first we want to be a multi-brand retail channels such patterns, but considering the demand of the domestic users and later experience, had the independent brand.”

as the Internet is not easy to launch a fashion brand, the company introduced from dragon teeth tactics to this brand recognition, and the general public Jiang Lei paid a lot of work: “we in the traditional manufacturing, production, quality control, raw materials are not familiar with, we are a layman, but our position is very high, so we are looking for the most senior professionals to help us to cross the threshold.” Jiang Lei targeted selected industries do best inside factory, with the top brands for OEM factory cooperation, let the dragon teeth have the best quality assurance. Dragon’s teeth are also buying some original design team, excavation is talented design studios and small brands, give them a big platform to showcase their design concept, improve the original characteristics of dragon teeth.

someone will ask, the dragon teeth tactical equipment exactly? What’s the distinguish and outdoor clothing. In Jiang Lei view, dragon teeth defined in outdoor and leisure crossover, have the appearance of the casual clothes, and can realize the function of the outdoor clothing: “daily can wear, but at the same time can give you a moisture absorption, perspiration, waterproof, such as quick-drying experience.” Jiang Lei don’t think the tactical equipment is in the corner of digging outdoor industry: “in the Chinese military enthusiasts crowd is very large, the dragon teeth as long as the focus in the field of the fan is ok.” In his view, the good service to the military, can represent the high quality of recognition of military this idea, is the dragon teeth of potential consumers.

“slow” iron future tour

about electricity, someone will think that’s a fast burning money, fast money industry, but Jiang Lei think iron is still a slow company, this slow has its necessity, “iron is in we can control the pace of development, is because of foreign brands more slowly, we created the dragon teeth to meet the needs of domestic users. And we’re very high demand for quality, want to be a mediocre product, on materials, process fine, these all need to slow down the steadfast to do a lot of work in offline.”

in Jiang Lei eye, iron or web sites and most influential community, electricity just service for the user at the same time, brings to the enterprise income is used to ensure site operations.

whenever, forge military element is always constant characteristics. Today about military theme and the fan group, iron per week will the design some practical and distinctive offline activities, such as ball firing, fishing, cycling, big-game hunting, etc., do better is currently shooting event, not only limited to shooting experience, will teach the participants knowledge remove guns, weapons, etc. Jiang Lei these offline specific activities, is meant to provide military enthusiasts to an unprecedented experience.

perhaps iron is a slow company, has been “commercialization” iron, still retains the pursuit of dreams and insistence of ideal. “Not only concerned with food and vegetables”, also the pursuit of “facing the sea, bloomy spring”. Veteran public welfare fund is established in 2013, iron, its inception to donate 500000 yuan, a volunteers around the world to visit, to help those in the nation’s armband to war veterans, pay attention to them in later life, warm their spiritual world. Jiang Lei idea is simple: “we felt that we do these things that bring us a sense of accomplishment is more of a psychological satisfaction, rather than the pursuit of material.”

a lot of media said tiexue is a model of vertical electric business community transformation, but is still looking for their own blood the next opportunity. For the future of iron Jiang Lei idea is clear: “the future iron to establish a sustainable business model, give full play to the influence of military enthusiasts, better guide.”

young entrepreneurial team

according to Jiang Lei tiexue (although the set up time is very long, but the entrepreneurial teams are relatively young, the oldest is 78 or 78 people. In this team, Jiang Lei more will play the role of explorers.

in 2001, 16 Jiang Lei fledglings settled, issued a “military” virtual page (later renamed iron military network), and then he same floor ouyang law students to join the site. Then tiexue and repeated expansion, and some professional vertical social networking websites, the entrepreneurial teams of the vast majority of members are also military amateur, it gives them a unique cohesion.

for now especially popular students entrepreneurial phenomena, from freshman year has been making the website Jiang Lei has a unique point of view: “students entrepreneurial teams is important to note that you must be an absolute leader in the team, at the beginning will plan out a reasonable organizational structure, it is more important than products and other content.”

reporter’s note

tiexue (located in the zhongguancun at the top of an office building, and general Internet company is the biggest different is opposite the elevator exports is a electrical goods brand iron tiexue military line entity shop, between the wide variety of goods is that one of the most famous M65 trench coat. Other departments around the staircase ring.

on Jiang Lei and those of the aura can’t see the media, 16 walks tsinghua, founder of the country’s largest military community these identity, he seems not to care. Talking speed is faster, but also occasionally take some stammer.

relatively Jiang Lei would like to talk about the lack of iron, in his view, tiexue (or a slow company, have a lot of learning the ropes around here.