Entrepreneurship “outsiders” how “cool” cow up?

cloud network hunting note: cool interactive started with 1 million cows, for 3 years, Caesar to 750 million mergers and acquisitions, have to say it’s a miracle in the development of, we find out. This paper is the first of a solo penguins entrepreneurial series, the subsequent will launch their penguins entrepreneurial story, contributing to the reader more entrepreneurial dry goods.

what are you playing games? “Tianfu vehicles” or “the ancient fairy domain”? What the game is fun? Oh, in the play, tang door to the world! Mentioned above the two or three game by game players, and output game makers – cool interaction, but very low-key.

but as a notice, cool interactive “forced” to the surface. Caesar co announced on June 19, in 750 million yuan to buy cool cattle interactive mobile game company. Vast amounts of mergers and acquisitions, the distance and cool cattle company was set up just three years, however, is indeed a miracle.

on July 26, be in cool cow hunting cloud network editor king headquarters is located in shenzhen met cool cattle, a co-founder of Ceng Xiaojun (head figure in the middle that is). As far as I know, after, they don’t accept any media interview, leaving time of the cloud network editor king hunting is only 1 hour, because Ceng Xiaojun will leave in a very important conference call.

a lot of people in the industry will observe and cool cattle, the cool cows, in addition to envy, will focus on one question: what did they do to dry out? Also take this doubt, cloud network editor jun and hunting Ceng Xiaojun chatted, despite the chat of time is not long, but cloud network editor jun or hunting for everyone to get a lot of dry goods.

Ceng Xiaojun claiming to be “outsiders”, but he spoke of the cool experience in the development of cattle five is absolutely dry.

1, strictly control the cost

“investment at the beginning, we are all his pay, three partners, to 100, before are hard-earned money.”

“we pray for, to live is the first purpose. So will not do the special risk, will not come up to hire a lot of good art, technology, planning, etc. A dashing too fast is not good, a lot of teams play great leap forward, after all I wasn’t struggle on. Only to survive, have hope to see more opportunities for development.”

“strictly control costs, reduce the manpower, the bitter brothers, however, objectively it also exercised the team, each basically learned legendary weapons of China. A person bear, all-rounder.”

2, decisive decision-making, without hesitation

cool cattle analysis and strategic decision making ability first-class team.

“on page 2012 we made a tour, although earn much, but can also. At that time, the android on the eve of the game to the outbreak, which brings us to rethink, in the future what should I do? Do you want to cut off the money now swim pages, pooling resources specializes in hand swim? Give up is to look for anything else to eat a bowl of meat, is really need courage. But we are a small team and can only concentrate on one thing. Finally, gave up the page or decisive to swim, concentrate on what hand swim.”

“why this decision is based on our analysis, we found that the industry has three phenomena: 1, page take investment become more and more difficult. On page 2, tencent games found in open platform, tourism industry oligarchs concentrated, money game controlled by the minority several game companies. 3, we see that smartphones have begun to fire, it will give a hand swim under the circumstances.”

“it now appears that if we desire for revenue at the time, continue to the page inputs, we absolutely will miss tour outbreak of hand that just a few short years, the time window once missed, it is hard to find. Matter and potential, it must be first.”

3, either dead or innovation

“I said I’m a layman is not humble, we several founders before are not in the big game experience as in the company. In the name of education to see our team have not advantage, planning, operation, art really hide better than others. But because that’s the case, we can only lower the head to walk, to make up for to enhance from other aspects.”

“situation forces us to innovate, said a few examples, we cut game first. Other card is played, we are installing the skills. Players can keep a pet. Don’t look at just some of the detail of the innovation, innovation, because the heart to do to bring new user experience.”

4, find out the ability of breaking point

“although in the first year of business will have to make money, but we sense of crisis. Innovation is not enough, walking is too slow, then think about whether have new model? We have to find new breaking point.”

“the key point of success is the IP commercialization ability, found that online literature has a large audience at the time, I thought if we can put these writers can pull together to do something about it. Like TangGuSanShao, potatoes, Chen sky east are well-known Internet writers, this is a new mode of cooperation, are good for our cooperation sincerity, we win-win concept touched them.”

5, and share the spirit of rich

“in addition to the usual treatment, we also have a special benefits. Other game companies have a plenty of according to the annual bonus, have a plenty of half an year round, but we are in accordance with the quarter, despite the 996 start-up, but employees are very happy. This greatly condensed the combat effectiveness of the team, team more motivated, because every three months to get the results, see.”

“with the team in addition to have the spirit of sharing, managers must be able to discover and find the core talented person, whether it’s also a team fighting capacity of the key. Core talented person is the master, how to speak, is to act as the person in charge, a thing to him, he will to do, I don’t care about every moment, these people are the backbone of the company, is a foundation.”

trivia: hunting cloud network editor jun in cool during the interview, found a lot of folding bed in the office, an enterprise has successfully will also be able to have such a strong business atmosphere, have to let a person feeling, cool charm of cattle.

note: solo penguins entrepreneurial series reported by hunting cloud network joint solo studio (have a friend want to work to cool the cow direct contact, WeChat number: public danfeiqqclub), cooperated together, aims to show entrepreneurial enterprises style, summarizes the business dry goods.