European backlash against digital colonial wars: silicon valley technology giants

the UK’s guardian website published an article, pointed out that Europe is lifted a large-scale war against silicon valley technology giants. , European governments think represented by Google, apple, Facebook and amazon’s silicon valley technology giants are invading European territory, Europe may be colonized by the silicon valley in digital domain. As a result, they will be sent to you by an antitrust investigation, the investigation of tax evasion, and strengthening the construction of its single market measures such as a massive counterattack.

the following is the article main content:

in the Elysee palace salon, in the corridors of the European parliament, the dome of the Capitol building in Germany under the glass roof, the old Europe is planning a new war. This war has nothing to do with religion or politics, nor about land and natural resources. Paris, Brussels and Berlin wanted to protect the goal is to European citizens digital environment, and their enemy is hope in this environment to realize the rule of silicon valley companies.

against digital colony

coal, oil and natural gas driven by the industrial revolution, but in the digital age, the data are replacing fuel, become the world’s most valuable resources, and have the ability to collect and use data of the enterprise can transcend borders to implement control from time to time. With the German economy and energy minister, sigma’s galilee, el (Sigmar Gabriel) as saying the amazon, apple, Facebook and Google represents information capitalism “cruel”, and Europe must immediately to protect myself.

“we need to maintain free and modify policy, otherwise will become a digital hierarchy in the digital realm of hypnosis goal.” Gabriel in the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung published a passionate call for article points out, “this is the future of the digital era of democracy, and now it is in danger, also in a dangerous and 500 million European people’s freedom and liberation, participation and self-determination.”

the French economy minister Arnold monte berg (Arnaud Montebourg) believe that Europe is facing to the risk of global Internet giant digital colonies, they called on Google to upgrade the broadband infrastructure part of the cost burden. Gabriel, said the German antitrust office are studying whether Google as a public sector company is similar to the telecommunications service providers to regulate, after all, Google search market with a 91.2% share in Germany.

gabriel thinks, Google, spin-off, shall be conducted at least its search business and mobile, YouTube, or email service for break-up. He thought that the first step should be allowed to rivals fair to use Google platform. For amazon’s scope, also has been started: since last year, the online retailer shall not prevent the German website distributor in other channels at a lower price to sell goods, including on their own website.

to carry out the regulation and the tax evasion investigation

European regulators have begun to action. In may this year, the European court upheld a man named “Mario coase, Gonzalez” (Mario Costeja Gonzalez) Spanish request, namely the view across Europe in the Google search to hide his own name. The judge decided that individual users have “right to be forgotten”. Freedom of the press, although the sentence caused some controversy, but this is a watershed moment, representing Europe for the first time for search and software giant took important regulatory measures.

on June 11, responsible for the competition commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, the European commission said, Joaquin Almunia, due to the numerous complaints, he will restart inquiry into the Google search rankings. Announced the same day, almunia survey on a large scale of tax evasion, focus on the three companies: apple and its international headquarters in Ireland, the starbucks and its headquarters in the Netherlands, as well as the auto maker fiat. On Thursday, from Brussels, through the European headquarters in Luxembourg operation amazon also involved.

“in the current under the condition of public budget, a large multinational company shall pay taxes according to law is particularly important.” Almunia said. His intervention was widely interpreted as a politically motivated, and almost certainly the case. Somebody thinks, Luxembourg’s prime minister, will be as before the European commission’s next President jean-claude Juncker (jean-claude Juncker) was determined from the Google, despite public opposition from the British prime minister David Cameron.

Google’s corporate motto is “don’t be evil”, but it seems that Google has replaced over the years with the European Union on antitrust issues against Microsoft, become a menace in Brussels. This comparison may not be fair, after all, Google’s position is not full of fight like Microsoft, the company received the commission regulation of its European operations, and agreed to negotiate a settlement search problem.

however, a market research company Enders Analysis of new media experts Ian maud land (Ian Maude) argues that “in terms of regulatory concerns, Google is the new Microsoft, it is the gray Wolf. Privacy issues more and more important.”

“historically, the media market has been the domestic market, but Google across the border, standing on the shoulders of the other Internet companies. Compared with their American counterparts, European regulators power is larger, now Google was so large, it is faced with more and more scrutiny. Now, the first challenge of Google is not a competition, but regulation.” Maud land said.

have treasure dragon

Google looks nice, but its expanding power caused unease. The company controls the two search engines in the world: Google and its video site YouTube, which can be compared with Microsoft bing and baidu search. Google’s web browser Chrome also has transcended the firefox and Microsoft’s Internet explorer, become the most popular browser, Google Gmail is one of the biggest electronic mail services, based on the Android operating system than other mobile platforms.

now also entered the field of household, Google acquired based on cloud computing Nest thermostat manufacturers and vendors Dropcam home security cameras. Google also plans to roll out driverless cars, and similar human robot, Google also paid for a project, plans to use satellite Internet connection in the world.

the German media company Axel Springer (Axel Springer) CEO matias, puff, (Mathias Dopfner) even compared Google to the dragon in the Nordic myth “fife Neil” (Fafnir). Fife Neil is a dwarf the king’s son, but he coveted family treasures of gold and silver, so kill father, monopolize the treasure. Greed fife Neil into one with fire and poisonous dragon guarded the treasure.

“Google has huge amounts of data of mankind, like the Lord of the rings” der ring des nibelungen “giant in fife neal.” Much puff, in April to Google chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt), said in a letter. Recently, he has also come to reconciliation to almunia and Google in the search to be blamed. Google has been accused of artificially cut competitors website search rankings, raise their price comparison website, shares information query, or map service rankings, even if the flow of these services is not as competitors. Almunia believes that the low ranking of unable to get traffic company, can pay to appear in Google search at the top of the page. To this, more puff, told the media in an interview: “I think this is the protection of money, this is a commercial principles of the Mafia.”

Google search for European newspapers, magazines, and radio advertising revenues. In the search engine and broadband network, under the impetus of the piracy problem to record company lose a lot of revenue. Bookstores and electronics store has disappeared from the bustling area of a city, as people turned to amazon, entities or even apple retail store to buy these products. Europe’s mobile network service provider was once thought to be the global technology industry pioneer, but they also have to use their wealth for subsidies to apple and samsung mobile phones, to attract users to buy.

this unfair encounter in tax evasion rumours of further amplification. Amazon, Google and apple has taken some method, will each international market proportion of tax revenue to pay down to less than 10% of the profits. In the snowden exposure after the digital monitor the behavior of the national security agency, people concern about digital domain to further increase.

the nsa spying scandals in continental Europe response caused by far more than the UK. Gabriel thinks that every time we in order to use the free music or email service, cheap smartphones, or social networking pages at the same time, is in the sacrifice of their own national security, or sell their economic and personal freedom. Our hobbies, action, he thought, and error data are collected and stored, ready to be transmitted to advertisers, medical researchers, scholars auto insurer, political strategy, and even the government spies.

tablets and smartphones paved path

in the UK prime minister David Cameron made another in the process of the European commission President candidate, gave up the support for Mr Cameron, German chancellor Angela merkel to support jean-claude juncker. Is reportedly puff more convince ms merkel support jean-claude juncker, because jean-claude juncker will support battle with Google.

jean-claude juncker, has not publicly blamed for Google, but he promised his presidency will be the construction of powerful digital economy in Europe as a top priority. “Route of the development of European paved tablets and smartphones.” Jean-claude juncker, the manifesto. He will make the next European digital giant dream as slogans, calling for closer integration, create a telecommunications and digital industry especially the single market.

according to juncker team of industrial policy, the eu will encourage countries to copyright protection, data, telecommunications regulation and law unified wireless spectrum auctions.

although unrealistic, but mobile network was once thought to be counter-offensive information at the heart of capitalism in the United States. With vodafone of the UK and Germany’s deutsche telekom, and Spain’s telefonica, Europe could create than American companies focused on domestic market larger multinational operators.

but competitive advantage rapidly disappearing. Auction of wireless spectrum, operators need to bid for government to provide wireless Internet service for 3 g spectrum. In this process, the UK raised 22 billion pounds, but it cannot afford to 3 g network operators. 4 g appeared after the problem is more serious. Because the European countries cannot agree on the auction time, the company in the United States and many other countries head quickly.

“European telecom industry advantage loss because of our own regulatory and political decisions,”, a telecoms consultancy, Bengt Nordstrom, founder and CEO of this, nords strom (Bengt Nordstrom) said, “there is no uniform spectrum, we are a mainland made up of many small and medium-sized countries, will never be able to become the industry leader.”

the company has 310 million users, before they expand overseas has gained great development. The same is true of the situation in China, alibaba and baidu dominated the electronic commerce and online search respectively. Juncker believes that if Europe’s 500 million residents to gather together into a unified market, so the European companies, such as flight partner services cloaked and streaming music services company will be able to get further development.

the UK support

juncker idea can get support from the UK? At least the British Labour party backed in tax and search rankings, think Google and its rivals should be on the platform of equality competition. “Big Internet companies shall pay tax fairness, it is very important,” Britain’s Labour party in charge of culture and media affairs Goodman shadow chancellor, Helen (Helen Goodman) said, “if your competitive advantage based on low taxes, lower price, this is not our economic development sustainable way.”

in Brussels, Mr Cameron and Google is seen as too close. Google, head of the public relations and public policy Rachel whitmer stone (Rachel Whetstone) is the British prime minister, a close friend of her husband Steve Hilton (Steve Hilton) is to help the conservative retake power designer’s “big society” policy. Google’s European headquarters in Ireland, but also deployed in London in 2000 programmers, sales staff and managers. The company is London’s King’s Cross (King ‘s Cross) to build a new headquarters can accommodate 4500 people.

the British think-tank, the centre for European reform, a “, “researcher John spurling ford (John Springford), said Mr Cameron in 2011 agreed to establish a unified digital market, but he was support is to eliminate trade barriers, maybe he is not willing to accept the eu in the field of copyright and spectrum sales law. But in taxation, Mr Cameron has expressed a clear-cut stand, starbucks said such tax evaders need to “wake up smell the smell of coffee.

British mp Margaret Hodge (Margaret Hodge) welcomed the eu’s actions. She said: “this is a very good first step, David Cameron can be done together with the European commission’s new chairman, a mission, to repair wounds, digital company to be in this piece they earn rich geographic avoid responsibility. Let’s hope he smells coffee wake up.”

big four problems in Europe


Google has reached a settlement with the European commission will search results rankings, but the new complaints have emerged that might restart. In Britain, the search for escape being investigated and software company. Independent record companies to Brussels also complained, because Google told them that unless registered Google’s upcoming music subscription service, otherwise, they may be clear the YouTube’s singer.


amazon have been blamed for tax evasion, and at the same time by a publisher and merchants. In Europe, amazon its German website sellers shall not be required to sell their goods cheaper prices in other channels. The online retail giant to transfer most of the European market revenue by Luxembourg. The European commission is considering whether to tax evasion.


has 1.2 billion Facebook users is one of the world’s largest social media platforms, but it only accounted for 6% of global digital advertising spending, far up to the monopoly of the standards. In view of the Facebook complaints focused on privacy. In the UK and Ireland are investigating Facebook emotion research is beyond the boundaries to the user. nullnullnullnullnull