Even to be bent 60 degrees, the iPhone 6 screen is still “unscathed”

then release date approaches, about the iPhone 6 (haven’t) photos of exposure. A video from YouTube recently, in order to we presents a compressive strength, wear resistance, flexible nearly 60 degrees of a new generation of the iPhone’s screen.

interested friends can. I promise, when you see the tester with the feet on the iPhone screen, hard curve, you will be a new generation of iPhone praised “toughness” of the screen. Below capture the test video.

in addition, the tester is also to a new generation of the iPhone screen wear resistance was tested. After the key tools, knives and some other column of “overrun”, after the iPhone 6 screen remain intact.

although tester stressed that a new generation of the iPhone because the sapphire glass material, just have so wear resistance, but we can’t make a decision. The iPhone currently adopted by corning gorilla glass, also has a very high resistance to wear.

after media reports that apple will be officially launched in September this year the bigger screen two iPhone. Sources said that apple to pull open and 4.7 -inch device level, 5.5 -inch iPhone will be configured sapphire glass screen.