Everyone can be fresh Letv to repeatedly

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

fresh electricity, everyone is fighting for a blue ocean, the blue ocean has several group of players to enter, after several times after the baptism of ebb tide, the rest of the head of a famous player still could not think of achievement, even if the local can play smoothly, under the overall situation is still difficult to mask a spent force.

it is for this piece of blue sea is still blue, including electric business platform, logistics, agricultural products business and media in various fields, all want to king’s landing, also have a lot of local businesses do blaze. Thought fresh electricity industry chain each link business has become saturated, who didn’t think that even in the field of video Letv also joined a slice of this action, is really “everyone can be fresh”. In fact, it’s more like a video industry to the real electric business, can do fresh nature also can make clothes, how do you stay?

try fresh water electricity is the beginning of commercial video platform

try video platform is fresh water in this area, on the one hand is because fresh dealer market prospect, and all the fresh electricity while the stunt, influenced by such factors as the cold chain logistics, currently there is no true giants. Now do good fresh electricity, on the other hand, really to farm products is not much, but in logistics, media and other industries cut fresh in the field of business, an inter-bank do fresh, give video platform must have confidence; Third, if some other industries from fresh electricity far, video platform is like the television industry have enough close distance, as long as one program can shorten the distance of platform and various industries.

viagra understanding of electricity video platform, and the vice President of analysys business solutions Tian Zheng view is the same, from the Internet tools + effective business electric agreed just perspective, and video platforms such as Letv since birth has been doing the content of the electricity business state. After video platform do category is partial virtual content, such as homemade drama, drama and film, etc. Film and television works have the into business brand, second also can derive your own brand products, such as the combination of film and television play clothing and plush toys, now Letv into fresh electricity field, that is, from the virtual category do actual category, also be Letv around shows the overall ecological layout.

resource integration channel cooperation era of nothing is impossible

here we do not talk about video platform electricity disadvantage, because the current all merchants pay attention to light and block mode, the shorter the industry chain, the better, the merchants of the crowdsourcing model more and more. Or, merchants has abandoned dominating the consciousness of the whole industrial chain, but pay more attention to channel cooperation and resource integration, have enough resources to have enough business cashability. This mode, the business has its own several resources, depend on the point or other part of the board to merchants, resource sharing, family without strength.

light pattern with millet business began to be widely attention, now is a favorite of all entrepreneurs. Video platform is affected by TV mode, has been exploring the early stage of the channels of cooperation business model, and there has been no suitable model. “On the tip of the tongue of China” and taobao platform of cooperation such as direct broken video platform to explore the mode “islands” for many years, television can do video platform also have enough power to do, Letv reaction is more advanced.

for le regard, its advantage lies in fresh electricity around depending on the cloud, video tool can do the whole product line, including pictures, homemade drama and star resources, can be based on the joy of life as the whole brand marketing resources docking, for example, brand integration, happy life every fresh category in depending on the whole industry chain to implant. That is to say, Letv as long as you make your own video program is good, other aspects of fresh electricity completely to “happy life”, or other electric business platform to do, it’s simply a lot.

television as the starting point, video program link electric business model is on the rise

TV shopping patterns can be the beginning of network video electric business? Viagra think network video shopping compared with TV shopping, the biggest difference lies in the interactive, network video can make some discount promotions, interactive user purchase desire in the entertainment at the same time, this is not an easy task. We can think about in a show, the actor’s clothing and other items can synchronize display on one side of the video, the audience can real-time understand items of information, and if there is a show about fresh food, isn’t it can justify the commodity information display on the screen side? So, can link points to some electric business platform?

network video can also be a bit more lively and micro movies, comedy, and now food class shows a lot of video production team is becoming more and more relative is becoming more and more low cost. Which is similar to the “on the tip of the tongue of China” and “12 front taste” programs such as the electricity, also let the video industry saw a new business model, video website is the advantage of program production and broadcast, so an inter-bank to give priority to in order to “feed” fresh electricity is very normal, it is also possible to other mode in the future.

this as an APP corresponding to an industry, a program can also corresponds to a same industry, since the media of TV programs is industry, industry and audience via show connection, and more. Mainly on the entertainment industry in the past, then is the fashion industry, in recent years, more and more programs for more industries, food and clothing live line. Video platform, programming, industry it may be said of the trinity, achieves the content directly to the industry, and more professional degrees, and the strategic cooperation with merchants are the overall project, which also out of the boring traditional advertising forms, a program can achieve multi-win-win situation.

the industry a lot of people had to le regard into fresh electricity industry, with all of you a little bit different is, viagra, more from the video industry and business model to do some analysis, they said these.

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