Except for the mobile phone appearance, you can along with the gender “dress up” mobile application!

it is well known that the user can customize the phone appearance. So why not consider mobile application appearance customization?

this is being developed in the premise, it allows the user to change the application icon, set the Anddroid according to own hobby or iOS application interface. Data show that the application has been received as many as 2.5 million downloads, its profits mainly Japan, but at the same time, it has become increasingly popular in the United States, they are going to focus in the United States as a market.

how does it run?

Cocoppa support to switch application ICONS, wallpaper, home page, including the authorized movie, cartoon and so on, of course, most of them are not free, and some alternative content is Cocoppa users create your own design.

is not only the wallpaper and screen saver, Android users have more choice, because the Android platform to support more advanced customization and adjustment, but apple users can change their application icon.

although apple system itself is not allowed, but Cocoppa found a solution, and put these applications in mobile phone somewhere “shortcut”. For example, this method is in essence you download a revamped sets a icon, and then the original icon shear to the folder, or “hide” to any other place, because delete these original icon is removed the application from the phone. Fundamentally, the new application icon is only a link, you can make customization for each application icon, and this is the biggest difference between the same products currently on the market.

More than 6 million icon


thanks to the broad masses of the user’s ideas, Cocoppa can provide more than 6 million ICONS, wallpaper number has more than 1 million, if you are an enthusiast, to freedom of choice.

I began to want to change my icon sets, because, I have no reason not to choose.

if you want to customize, open your application, and then according to what you want to redesign the application name, or the color of the concrete, tags, categories to search, find it, click on the download. Many ICONS are compressed package, so you want to adjust the color, we can easily find it in the phone.

as you might expect, this app is very popular among girls, Cocoppa President and CEO Naka Imuta told us that the majority are female users worldwide.

when you open the app to see recommended subject, content, style, maybe will get a big surprise.

flowering in Japan, the United States, later

Imuta, said the United States a country alone accounts for 30% of app downloads, this makes the United States Cocoppa in the world’s largest market. As a key development Cocoppa plan still will be the United States.

“on the consumption amount, Japan accounted for more than the United States, perhaps because most of the content is more in line with the Japanese aesthetic, but this year we plan mainly want to consider the needs of users in the United States,” he said: “the American consumer oriented music art, celebrities such as theme in the works.”

Imuta also said: “a lot of people are just going to a month in one or two themes, although many enthusiasts adjust custom every day. Like new after all, the children’s consumption ability than adults, but young people than adults are more likely to buy expensive authorized content. “

Cocoppa also met with some big competitors in earlier this year, Japan’s message application has nearly 500 million registered users, its unique decoration service is to make people change already tired of app ICONS.

with all of you worry, Imuta think Line into the field proves that Cocoppa direction is right. He believes that this app true strength lies in its tens of thousands of users, is that they are constantly creating design, this is the Line failed to do. Imuta Cocoppa also believe the high quality service will make it be the first choice of the mobile customization, even in the face of the Line that pioneered the concept of mapping, and combining the competitors and entertainment company.

Imuta did not provide details of companies in financial data, didn’t say the company has a big income and so on. But we found that this is very good, to explore the popular trend of young people and the service demand is always a very interesting thing. These young people know only, but for us is a mysterious and almost completely unknown.