“Exclusive” millet will push older mobile phone embedded intelligent medical service

hunting cloud network August 7 news

millet is next? People familiar with the matter to the cloud network exclusive hunting, millet will launch old mobile phone, the mobile phone embedded intelligent medical services, which can realize remote medical treatment and so on. The elderly with millet telemedicine, it or become one part of the millet to realize intelligent household life.

on older user groups, millet and other mobile phone manufacturers such as huawei, have already introduced a older operating systems, however, the millet will further deepening the market, with older cell phones. People familiar with the convective cloud network editing your sole, according to the mobile phones in addition to keep the old simple interface easy to operate, the biggest bright spot is built into the intelligent medical services.

use the phone’s built-in intelligent medical service, the elderly will implement the special online search, mobile phone in the home can easily complete the entire process, dispense go to a hospital registered, queuing problem. As for other services, currently hunting cloud network is unclear. And worthy of attention is, not other companies offer millet medical solutions, it is domestic clove garden quite high now health awareness.

simple introduce clove garden, clove garden was founded in July 2000, is a focus on social platform of medicine and life science. According to public information, in 2013, according to data from the entire website has 3.2 million registered users, while the community has 2.85 million, most of these users are professionals in the field. Their Web side products include clove garden BBS, cloves talents, clove communication (biomedical business information platform), clove guest (medical professionals microblogging platform) blogs and cloves, clove meetings; In the mobile terminal, clove garden introduced family medical assistant, etc.

clove garden in 2013 won the $10 m B round financing, lei jun, suitable to become one of the investment institutions, investment funds that may be able to reach cooperation an important origins.

at present, the authorities have not yet announced to launch the elderly millet mobile phone message.

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