Exposure to support more WP8.1 new lock screen application custom content

(compile: zhu ning)

although Windows Phone 8.1 has been issued for a period of time, but some supplementary function will not be able to upgrade. After Microsoft’s test is one of the interesting features of fresh, is the new lock screen experience.

the lock screen interface new API is a application software, that is to say, this new feature will not be embedded in the default system, but requires the user to need to download and install it separately.

the new lock screen technology, what’s the big deal? It can significantly improve Windows Phone equipment customization, in the new lock screen interface into more of the user can choose custom, which for a system developing platform is very important change. And at present too similar between equipment system; The Windows Phone also tend to be more or less the same.

however, there are limits to the lock screen application after upgrade. If Windows Phone for less than 1 gb memory, then you’ll be up shit creek, because you need at least 1 billion bytes of memory to carry this new feature. Moreover, the new lock screen technology equipment can only be used for the English language.

Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore on Twitter recently revealed some new information. He said WP8.1 lock screen use the Beta version is nearing completion, likely arrive after a week, there are still some problems to be solved, and it also adds a new function.

if you can accept these restrictions, you can download the new lock screen beta within a week.