Eye of the Google acquisition Dropcam “don’t be evil” flying off the shelves!

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Google is currently bidding for IP camera Dropcam manufacturing start-up company. If the partnership was reached, intelligent home, people’s future will be more than a new layer of security. Of course, this also means that the all-knowing Google a chance to know which never get to the Internet, can’t get to the Internet, not like the Internet of a person’s private life.

Dropcam, founded in 2009, is a network camera manufacturers. The main reason for the two founders, founded the company, is to appear on the market a webcam to use experience disappointment. Dropcam products the biggest characteristic is simple, only two steps can the installation is complete. Not only that, Dropcam product price is not expensive, no more than $150. In view of this, Dropcam products launched became one of the most popular of similar products in the amazon device.

why Google acquisition Dropcam? Hunting cloud network analysis of the editing jun, promoting Google services and collection of user data, promote the advertising revenue realized. Google is an Internet service company, but it is also a company with data for life. Monitoring the probe field into the family, will help “don’t be evil” Google further complete the dream. From this point of view, Google buy-outs Dropcam and its intelligent thermostat manufacturer Nest ultimate aim is the same.

on the other hand, Dropcam can also benefit from Google’s abundant resources. Which includes both a steady stream of funds, but also a Google powerful database and computing power.

all in all, the combination of the two is the best in each other.