Face of and yukio okamoto, teach us three things

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A patchwork of personal cartoon App, in the first week of June, 20 million users growth, attracting private equity fund from IDG capital investment of 4 million yuan, A round of funding plan nearly don; One can only send a word to the good friend “yukio okamoto,” App, received before launch including Mobli CEO mosher, Mr Geiger (Moshe Hogeg), a $1.2 million investment, launched on April fool’s day, after the user has sent four million yukio okamoto, and become the number one in Israel – this is the face of the iPhone application and yukio okamoto, the story of a blockbuster.

on the face of and yukio okamoto, fame, critical moment divided into two sides, one side believes there is much capital bubble, in terms of the product itself, deputy fame is difficult; Others who see value, not for other, more active users is worth investors to pay. But more thought-provoking than argue is that we all came to a consensus, it is face of and yukio okamoto, are “meteor application”, the potential of products will soon be drained by the market, finally at breakneck speed from our visual red zone and the disappearance of the collective consciousness.

however, brief bright does not mean that this kind of product is not worth attention. Teaches us face sprout and yukio okamoto, at least the following three things:

face sprout and yukio okamoto, taught us the first thing: products in the future is closely related to “digital dualism”

“Dualism” (Digital Dualism) the view of our virtual world and the reality is that split to each other, such as sets, and the one with true extent of Facebook already more and more low, many from the artificial beautification. In face of and yukio okamoto, the face of is standing at the side of the “digital dualism”, it USES cartoons to express is not easy to express personal emotion and psychological state, mining “adult children” childishness, this is the face of customer pain points, and all this, and the real reality is very different, cartoon still can’t walk out of the virtual world. From the point of current product development direction, “digital dualism” is gradually become a thing of the past, strong on products is conducted by pure fiction is difficult to support, it may be proved from another Angle, face of becoming “meteor application” is a necessity.

yukio okamoto, the popularity and the face of different, “yukio okamoto,” the same words in different language environment will produce different semantic changes, from the boss yukio okamoto, work is likely to be reminded, family from yukio okamoto, is likely to be be caring and attentive, lovers from yukio okamoto, may represent thoughts, yukio okamoto, news sites may only tell you there is new information. In addition, in the different time, yukio okamoto, semantic changes also, yukio okamoto, yukio okamoto, and at nine o ‘clock in the morning at two o ‘clock in the morning, even from the same person, also can produce different effect. Yukio okamoto, the magic is that it is depend on the user’s imagination to work, yukio okamoto, what do you think, yukio okamoto, what is. Similarly, Snapchat, Secret and becoming popular domestic no find, are as yukio okamoto, standing in the opposite of the “dualism”, the extension of virtual products will become a reality, bridging the split between them, this is the future trend of the product. So for innovative products, how to understand “dualism”, to some extent may determine the future of the product.

face sprout and yukio okamoto, teach us the second thing: written content is made way

not long ago, a guy on Twitter, after know his girlfriend to bring their unfaithful, hit back with a series of expression, unparalleled keen to let him moment got hit on a global scale. It verifies the founder Bertrand App Annie schmidt (Bertrand Schmitt), “people are moving towards a more graphical communication”. The first step in the face of a complete business model, I think it must be also as illustrated under the social scene of expression, but the face of need to go further on the personalized exploration. At the same time, under the enlightenment of yukio okamoto,, the face of whether can set out to develop only can send expression of social applications, I think completely feasible. Before that, the face of need to build a huge gallery, the LINE has more than 10000 of its own map gallery, every user can send 1.8 billion map expression, the data to the face of should be able to bring some enlightenment.

yukio okamoto, further proof that the content of social products are less and less important things, just say a word, may not be able to form the effective information communication, but do not affect the emotion and emotional communication, even easier and more accurate than language, so yukio okamoto, users should be further increased. But at the same time, yukio okamoto, the other will be required to assist a social product, in response to user really have words to say. So yukio okamoto, dealt with the part of foreplay, highlights will leave WeChat, such product LINE. Although only responsible for foreplay, foreplay means a entrance, this is the biggest of yukio okamoto, imaginary space.

face sprout and yukio okamoto, teach us the third thing: “smaller children are play”

the original China mobile chairman wang jianzhou said in his speech, Mr. Negroponte’s speech, the “next billion users” and the “next billion Internet users” will appear in the age of the extension and extension in the territory, including the extension of the age, means the “older man” and “smaller kids.” Both face of China, and Israel yukio okamoto,, we can feel is, the smaller the child “has been in the play, even after 90 after 00, they are become the main force of the market, are they in effect after the 80, after 70, even after 60. So, whether it is face of or yukio okamoto, investment, investors value should be less “kid” stands for the future. Historical experience has shown that stand in the perspective of the generation to predict the next generation, is no precision, as an “old”, I really can’t wait, waiting for the child “smaller” selected products coming to me, because they are in the middle of the sea.