Facebook: China office area of 800 square meters

July 4th afternoon message, according to bloomberg, according to people familiar with the Facebook has rented at a property in the city center, plans to open offices in China.

, according to people familiar with the Facebook in May this year signed a three-year contract, rental of the financial center of Beijing CBD wealth one place more than 800 square meters of office space. It is understood that there can directly see the imperial palace, but Facebook has yet to begin with office facilities.

although Facebook cannot access in mainland China since 2009, but the company through the Chinese Hong Kong offices to mainland China still company sales advertising. Vice President of the company Vaughan Smith (Vaughan Smith) in May this year the global mobile Internet conference, said they have “thousands of application developers in China.

Beijing wealth financial center is developed by hong international well-known developers, with more and more expensive floors are open to the tenant, where rents have unfinished since last year when less than 400 yuan per square metre per month, rose to 500 yuan.

financial centre rental agency has yet to comment immediately. Facebook spokesman Debbie Frost (Debbie Frost) declined to say whether the company will open offices in mainland China.

Chinese customers

“Chinese exporters and developers will Facebook as a contact overseas customers best channel.” Frost said in an e-mailed statement. “today, we in Hong Kong is responsible for the sales team to support mainland business, we clearly is exploring other channels, to provide more support in the future.”

Facebook just rented this place Beijing office facing north and west, in this 265 – meter – high building is located at the 59th layer (61). Employees can directly see the ancient imperial palace from the inside, and the bird’s nest and other modern buildings.

wealth financial center is located in the third ring road in Beijing, is located in the east of the Palace Museum. DBS bank and HSBC, samsung China investment corporation has rented an office there. According to the real estate brokerage firm cb Richard Ellis, there is a recent seven quarters first new office building project of Beijing CBD.

performance improvement

Facebook is trying to improve performance of Asian markets, the company in the first quarter of this year in Asia to achieve revenue of $354 million, accounting for about 14% of its total revenue, is higher than the IPO (initial public offering) in 2012 of $118 million and 11%.

although China is the world’s most populous country, but Facebook in 2012, according to the prospectus due to face legal and regulatory barriers, lead to the company has yet to enter the Chinese market.

, according to people familiar with the Facebook at present is the only tenant to the floor. Due to the company in the future could expand the leasing area, so the landlord in the short term are not ready yet to continue to rent the developers in order to adapt to the demand of key tenants use the idiomatic patterns. Wealth financial centre, according to the official website of the office area of each layer is between 2600 and 2900 square meters. (book Yu)

source: sina science and technology