Facebook financial going into Internet

yesterday, Facebook social networking giant is planning to Internet financial services. It is reported that Facebook will initially be the government’s permission, the next few weeks the country launched Facebook “electronic money” (money used to store and transfer).

the report points out, if it is eventually won government approval to Iceland, then very likely Facebook electronic currency and other financial services will be extended to the whole of Europe.

of course, the ultimate goal of Facebook market still has more potential in developing countries and regions. An unnamed sources in an interview with time magazine, said: “the remittance transfer service is a basic service in the field of banking and finance, Facebook is eyeing it.” In addition, The Times, points out that Facebook’s ambition is to become in the developing countries and regions, one of an organic part of the financial industry.

however, Facebook does not seem to want to fight alone. It is reported that Facebook has actively cooperate with several international remittance transfer start-up company. But the specific form of cooperation we also unknown.

so far, Facebook official did not respond.

in the eyes of mark zuckerberg, Facebook’s mission is to China unicom in the world. It can promote the affairs of “global integration”, “global village”, seem to can become a Facebook into the field. On the one hand, Facebook in social product design concept innovation, while maintaining the original user, on the basis of efforts to attract a new generation of potential users. Mark, on the other hand, is also looking for the next generation of “world unicom” platform. Perhaps WhatsApp, perhaps Oculus VR, part may be today’s subversive trends Internet financial services.

of course, ideal and reality always there is a huge difference. Besides, the financial industry, the Internet water deep!