Facebook mobile local search engine Relcy and Google “chuan”

when the focus of the whole world is increasingly focused on mobile devices, people are increasingly to application as the center, gradually alienated by comparison is more widely, not only support and personal native specific program of mobile Internet. However, this trend also brought trouble: unless clearly know where to look, otherwise we were hard to find from this little environmental barriers which information you need.

the good news is that last year Relcy just established new company, is currently working on solution to this problem, namely, developing a can search all of the content in your mobile device to help you more quickly and easily find the target information of the engine.

although the mysterious search engines won’t be published later this year, but Relcy already from VCS Khosla Ventures and sequoia capital received as much as $9 million, to continue research and development platform and the construction of a team.

according to founder Relcy Rohit Satapathy description, they were following the Google PageRank algorithm “hildesheim design search and sort the results. The “only for the use of mobile phone search engine” will be generated according to the contents of the application associated with the index and search results after “through specialized algorithms and techniques for each user context to present”.

Relcy claimed that the rapid search results not only is the information you’re looking for, also can predict the content of the next search direction, you are made up of countless “real”; And that the search results is by Satapathy said that the so-called “correlation knowledge map” support. He added: “for users, this means that just a simple search bar or information entry, can the content in this app for seamless search and browsing (like web client search engine) – and their target information.”

surprisingly, Satapathy Relcy is not going to skip the web content: “in theory, we can support the above mentioned all the content in the knowledge map; And search results to favour native content or content of web pages or web applications, user experience is more of a problem, we are using closed beta version of the test on this question.”

in fact, to deal with the problem of mobile search, Relcy is not the first person. Such as specially for the users to search the adapt to use in the shop company Quixey and Everything. Me such company, is also committed to develop such a search engine. But according to Satapathy, they “come” :

“Relcy in the field of mobile search is a unique product, it is through we solve occurring in the process of mobile devices and applications using the new specific problems and build from scratch. So it whether by design or from a technical point of view, has a strong IP as the foundation, which is very similar with PageRank), as well as its own back-end, data, and by countless entity consisting of a set of large mobile knowledge map.” This undoubtedly provides a “truly rooted in the native,” mobile phone search experience, for any products on the market is a “significant innovation”.

“is really attract our eye, Relcy master relevant technologies, and it can make their search engine start up knowledge map”,, “said Omar Hamoui sequoia capital to trace the map clearly describes in a variety of applications, the rising number of logical entity and the deep connection between behavior. Still has a lot of potential applications to participate, this means more than just a search experience more praise, more likely to mean that it can help us to find in the mobile devices and applications are gone. And, of course, these too early to say now, but we believe Relcy is a critical first step.”

for a long time, many technical reasons and other factors, resulting in a large number of development of mobile search have often are focused on the Android platform, such as Cover and Quixey this kind of lock screen applications are all in the name of “market first”. It is interesting to note that Relcy new products will be suitable for cross platform, although will begin with iOS and Android, but Satapathy said: “we are going to extend to other platforms and devices in the future” — is more than other mobile devices, such as networking watch may also include occasionally be neglected as well as the new Firefox OS Windows Phone platform. (hunting cloud network editor jun: as with WP feeling can also “wonderful work”, is to praise the industry conscience!)

but now that the widespread use of such applications is not a day for two days, why can’t cross platform search engine doesn’t come out?

“to a new platform to develop a native search engine will face a series of challenges, most are some of the problem hasn’t been solved yet, some of them are known, and some are deeper probe to the more in this field has been discovered new problem”, Satapathy said, “as the development of web client search engine, from commercial web developed a decent search engine will take several years”. He feels are similar between mobile phones and application development. “A platform and technology/standard at the time of rapid development is not mature, so to understand Chinese supported and developed a complex search function of the system is quite challenging.

this means Relcy and other developers will face more competition. Satapathy added: “this is an area where at any time ready to innovation, and by our team on the solution of this problem would put a lot of time and resources, we hope to be able to” significant progress in the near future, but many of the details of its Relcy itself is not willing to disclose more:

this app looked like?

– as we have seen the latest cross platform search tool.

what would it profit?

– “are we still on development pro!” (although others don’t say, but think know that advertising is essential.)

in addition, Relcy might solve another problem: the application of scrap. One estimate, we can download up to an average of 83 applications, but only around 24 practical. To focus people to rectify an application, new product might be a good way to Relcy; On the other hand, it is also a wake-up call for developers: static to dynamic is application development way out.

but Satapathy also made clear that despite Relcy efforts to reform, but it does not equal to a complete reversal of application development.

, for example, when asked whether Relcy would like some technology companies on the basis of deep links to develop this product, in order to achieve a better search result, Satapathy replied: “we will try to reduce the dependence to the minimum, so far, we have developed a set almost automated systems, deep links is only part of the many experience on this product. We also plan to open more API for developers and publishers in the future and the SDK, in order to achieve a more powerful integration, application more features.”