Facebook perfect ecosystem: three means to attract mobile developers

Zheng Jun of sina science and technology from the United States San Francisco

dispatch of sina science and technology news in the morning Beijing time on May 1, the world’s biggest social networking site Facebook developers conference in San Francisco today f8, published more than ten new product perfect ecological platform, to attract mobile developers. Facebook co-founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is committed to providing a developer with a stable cross-platform mobile platform, around the building applications (Grow) (Build), and to promote growth and help earnings (Monetize) the three tools to help mobile developers to Build mobile applications and to profit from it.




anonymous login user can select to build applications


after zuckerberg speech, Facebook’s mobile development subsidiary Parse CEO Elijah Sue card (Ilya Sukhar) introduces the Facebook in building (Build) in terms of new product developments: Anonymous logins (Anonymous Login), the new Facebook Login (Facebook Login), improve the Stability, Improved Stability), application (App Links).

this is the specific content of the four products: anonymous login allows the user to use Facebook account login third party applications, but not the developers to share personal information. Through the new Facebook login, the user can choose to share the information to a third party applications. Facebook for the core developers products provide a two-year guarantee service, to ensure the stability of the products. Association make more easily to realize mutual connection between the various application.

Sue card also announced to lower the price of Parse development services, and new tools to help developers in offline using the Parse product development.

in April 2013, Facebook acquired mobile development platform Parse, specific amount not yet been announced. But according to the Wall Street journal, deals at about $85 million. Parse the development tool provides a data management, mobile developers almost exhaustive back-end services such as push notification, and developers need to focus only on the user experience, front-end problem such as revenue models (currently limited to simple application development).



thumb up inside mobile applications, Shared with a friend to drive growth

Facebook product cooperation, director of Iraq, Afghanistan JiBang (Ime Archibong) came to power Facebook is introduced to promote the growth of mobile developers to realize the user several new measures. Via Facebook Messsger application service, users can very conveniently to share their see content in third-party applications, thus social promotion interesting application through friends. With Facebook’s new move the thumb up (Mobile Like) button, a user can directly on the application of thumb up, thereby helping to application developers to accurately understand the thumb up to the user.

Facebook announced FbStart start the project, help mobile startups get business to the growth of all kinds of resources required. The Bootstrap Track start program to provide 5000 dollars worth of free services, applications to help startups; Accelerate Track speed up project to provide $30000 of free services, help startups to achieve accelerated growth. These services include: Parse service card, priority access Facebook Internet.org innovation laboratory services, AdobeCreative Cloud Cloud services, MailChimp email marketing support, SurveyMonkey market research services and recruitment services.

in addition, through Facebook’s new Sent to Mobile, users use Facebook account login access a web site, you can send your phone related application of the website, and then within the Facebook application on the smart phone can click to download directly.

Facebook for third party applications provide an advertising platform on the Network

help earnings

in helping mobile application developers to create and promote the user growth, Facebook also plans through its own advertising platform to help developers get revenue. Debbie Facebook product profit management director Liu (Deb Liu) office released a new advertising platform Facebook on Network (FAN). Facebook had earlier in this project to test a small scale.

with the aid of this platform, advertisers can very easily will they advertising projects on the Facebook platform to expand to the third party mobile applications. Thanks to Facebook user feedback function positioning and data, third party mobile applications can provide advertisers like Facebook advertising value accurately.

in the Facebook platform using News Feed advertisers, can use a key platform for the FAN. FAN will appear on Facebook all ads interface and application interface API. FAN by native format will be exterior adjustment according to the third party applications, as well as the application’s own ads.

said Debbie Liu Jieshao, Facebook now has more than 1 million advertisers, active FAN platform will allow third-party mobile applications can also benefit from Facebook’s advertising technology, get real revenue from these advertisers.